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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

one wednesday afternoon...

4.24pm - somewhere in ulu baba central, a.k.a ubi

[ EILEEN's phone rings beeps emits polyphonic ringtone to the tune of justin timberlake's "cry me a river", or as it is known more affectionately amongst the hups gang, "show me your beaver". ]

"heh. go check out the latest at; it should be dedicated to you, hellspawn." -- WAYNE

4.35pm - still in ulu baba central

[ EILEEN is slackin off has a moment to spare from her busy workin schedule and decides to see what WAYNE is makin a fuss about. ]

Image hosted by

4.36pm - obviously still in ulu baba central, becos EILEEN is not some kinda superwoman that can transport herself over great distances in minutes by flyin or teleportin

[ EILEEN almost falls off her chair laughin. ]

*** THE END ***

ahahaha! basta! it's cos of the adolf hitler II, innit?! or was it the fellatio reference? either way, it's still YOUR fault for startin it. tsk. how disrespectful.

ok. i feel guilty now. i shall repent and be saved. (i hope!)


director's note (in order to cover backside) :

in case anyone realises what i'm talkin about, or connects the dots and unmasks the identity of adolf hitler II :

please let it be known that absolutely no offense is meant. it is purely a joke.

if you happen to find it in bad taste, i honestly do apologise. so please, kindly refrain from the hate-mail/angry-remarks/etc-etc.

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