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Monday, April 11, 2005

"moove is more"

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I SEE PAPER COWS! moo? (pic from alt via cowboy caleb)

for eons, i have been goin mad tryin to figure out what those silly cow prints and tails stickin out of public buses and taxis have been about, and no one i asked could tell me!

and then on saturday, i was on the way to bishan to catch a movie when i saw these silly paper 2D cows "grazin" on a field by the roadside. to say i was shocked would be an understatement! i wanted to ask the cabby to pull over so i could take a photo but he was drivin too fast.

well, today, finally, the mystery has been solved! yay! i am enlightened!

turns out its part of a ad/marketin campaign done by comfort/delgro.

i'm impressed. wonderful campaign, if you ask me. they've definitely caught and held my interest, thats for sure.

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