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Friday, April 29, 2005

KL, here i come!

on-again-off-again KL outin this weekend with the best friend and two of his colleagues is definitely ON. yay!

i initially backed outta the trip due to the fact that i was broke (why? another story for another post. knn. very angry.) but i am now goin up, with a lil bit of sponsored cash, courtesy of the parentals. and i am gonna try to survive on that meagre amount of money (wish me luck! the way i spend money, i foresee many many problems. sigh.)

i seriously need to get away from singapore for awhile and relax, especially after the week i've had. sigh.

one of the reasons the bestie is goin up so he can get another "chop" on his precious, almost brand new passport. heh. seein as how he only got his passport THIS YEAR, at the ripe old age of TWENTY FIVE, i think i can understand his enthusiasm. haha.

and, he's also gonna go cut and colour his hair. yesh. me bestie very vain. his hair is his life. god help the foolish ones who mess the "do"! the wind and the rain are his mortal enemies, becos they mess up his hair and melt his wax. sigh. that's my best friend and adopted brother for you.

so, he's invitin me along cos he knows how much i love my trips across the causeway - especially for the SEAFOOD! oh, and of course the cheapo cigarette-oes. and at least they're drivin up so i dont have to take the damn bus. bleh.

yay! how excitin! happy happy joy joy! especially since luke and the kids (i call them "the kids" cos they're all so YOUNG - 20? plus minus. make me feel so bloody OLD OLD OLD. ugh.) went up to JB last saturday for go-kartin and seafood, and i wanted to go!!

i was positively green with envy when luke came back and was tellin me about all the food they ate, just to make me jealous.. mean evil person! bah.

but neber mind! this weekend MY turn. and luke will be stuck doin national service duties the entire weekend. muahahaha!

whether or not we stay overnight is as yet undecided. dependin on what we end up doin, i guess. or how late we hang around till. hmm. i dont really wanna stay overnight, becos i have no moolah!! but we'll see how it goes lah.

seafood! come to mama! yum yum yum. *drool*

seems ALOT of people are goin up to KL this weekend. what's up with that, dudes?! oh yeah. long weekend. me forgot. heh.

kim, kris and mel will be there. so will my boss.. eh, must start prayin. i better not bump into him. na beh.

hmm. ok lah. thats not really ALOT of people lah. but still.. heh.

oh, and my dad rocks! best money changer in singapore, JB, and some say batam! for SGD50, i get RM150. best-est exchange rate evar!! hahaha.

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