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Friday, April 29, 2005

job hazard

i work as a personal assistant, which means that i.. erh.. assist my boss personally? in a way, i guess.

the good thing about my job, is that i have quite alot of free time, especially since the boss is constantly travellin so i'm pretty much on my own. of course, when he's back in singapore, things get kinda hectic, and i sometimes have to do major overtime, even until 10pm.

one of the not-so-good things about my job, is that my boss can be such a GOONDU at times, honestly.

for example, he will tell me, at 4pm, that he wants to fly to china/thailand/wherever-it-is-he-is-goin. and he wants to fly TONIGHT.

so i have to scramble scramble, and secure a ticket for him. not easy, trust me, especially when he has all these "conditions" about his air ticket to fulfill.

cannot be too expensive.. must allow frequent date changes (becos he's always changin his schedule).. must fit with his country-hoppin schedule..
blah blah.

at times, after everything is done, and i have pissed off my travel agent by rushin her like mad and askin too many questions - my boss will ask me one thing at a time : "how much? can change date? flight times?", so i've learned to ask all at one shot to save myself trouble (i used to piss off my travel agent by callin her every 5min with questions.) my boss will request a change of flight, becos "schedule cannot fit". sigh.

ask me to rush rush rush, then in the end, its all for NOTHIN. nabeh.

the other day, he really took it to a new level.

within less than 1 hour, i had to call SQ and change his flight 5 times. back and forth between the same 2 ones. wah piang eh!

first, it was change from 12.50am to 10.10am.
then, change back to 12.50am again.
15 min later, change to 10.10am once more.
and then, back to the 12.50am flight.
finally, it was settled on the 10.10am one.

uncle, can make up your mind first anot, ah? then tell me. dont have to make me call so many times right!!

i'm suprised the SQ reservation hotline people didnt have a major cow, with the constant changin of flights.

and today, he complained to me, very pek-cek-ly, that he was tryin to file his income tax (yes, he's late. he blames me for not remindin him to file in time. na beh. i did remind him ok! he just forgot i reminded him. knn.) and he couldnt get into the portal to file, even though he'd been tryin for the past half an hour.

ok. i thought. maybe the portal got problem, since i've been hearin a lot of stories and complaints about that. so i said, call income tax and see what they say. phone engaged leh! hmm.

so i tell him to try again, while i watch what he does.

turns out the problem is, when you log in the first time, they will prompt you to change your PIN no, and he kept gettin stuck on that page. why?


the new PIN must be ALPHANUMERIC, which means that must have both LETTERS and NUMBERS.

my boss, was tryin to choose a password that had JUST NUMBERS. so, a little prompt came up, when the page reloaded, in bright RED COLOUR somemore, sayin something like :

"the new PIN you choose must be ALPHANUMERIC. please re-enter your new PIN."

and then my boss turns to me and says "you see! you see! why cannot?!"

and i just stare at him, speechless. before i shake my head and point out that little fact to him. "your PIN must have both letters and numbers..."

so he tries again.


i cannot believe he had been tryin for a whole half and hour, and never figured it out, until i pointed it out to him.

and it wasnt one of those "easy to miss" things. i noticed it first thing. sigh.

after that, he was searchin high and low for his office keys. all over his table, in his bag, on my table.. askin me where they were.. "i had them just now! what happened to them now?" as if i were the one at fault for his keys gone missin.

so i looked around his office, and within 5 seconds, i spotted the elusive keys - hangin from the keyhole of his drawers, right in front of his knee.

"er, your keys are there.."
"oh... ok..."

bwahahahahaha! seriously. i didnt know whether to burst out laughin, or slap him silly for bein so cuckoo.

the things people do sometimes.. really makes you wonder, doesnt it? heh.

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