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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i've finished the chores, evil step-mother

  • made the bed.

  • packed the clothes cupboard.

  • did the laundry.

  • hung the clothes out to dry.

  • washed the dishes.

  • scrubbed the sink.

  • cleaned the kitchen counter.

  • packed the kitchen counter.

  • tidied the livin room.

  • cleaned the bedside table.

  • packed the bedside table.

  • wiped random surfaces.

  • took out the garbage.

oh my god. what is happenin to me?! i'm turnin into a domesticated woman! pretty soon, i'm gonna be a carbon copy of monica from f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

i can feel it startin already - was cluck cluckin away at the dirtiness and untidiness, and startin cleanin frenzy becos it irritated me so much to see the mess!

i'm morphin into a modern-day, not-so-poor-thing, sans-evil-step-family CINDERELLA... where the hell is my prince charmin and my glass slipper?! and i think my fairy godmother is AWOL due to massive hangover...

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