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Monday, April 04, 2005

its tiger time!

it is 11.45pm and i just got home. bein stuck in the office on a monday until almost freakin 10pm is definitely so NOT FUN.

and havin to do major accountin work while stuck in the office is absolutely horrendously detestably disgustin THE PIT OF THE PITS.


but at least its all done now. finally! yay! 3 cheers for lil miss efficient - ME! wah lau. skin damn thick. ahahaha. oops.

and goin the entire day without food and only eatin dinner - my first meal of the day - at 10pm is sucky to the total max. i didn't even realise how starved i was till i started eatin.

oh, wonderful chicken chop - must remember - at tampines street 72. pity about the french fries though. they were so crispy hard they're weapons lah! if you throw them at someone it would stab them sia. i couldn't even poke them with my fork - they were resistant to metal! seriously. damn "pow-der-ful". heh.

silly conversation about sheep and i-dunno-what-other-weird-stuff did manage to cheer me up and get rid of the stress though. laughin is therapeutic.

and now, i am off - to meet friends and grab myself a BEER. becos i need to be rewarded for a super hard day's work (eh, more than 12 hours hor. what the fuck, man.) and my batteries need to be majorly recharged.

give that girl a TIGER! yeah!

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