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Thursday, April 07, 2005

it's a sign. a SIGN!

check out my horoscope for today :

Overview - 8 April 2004

It's not hard to talk you into traveling -- but moving long-distance? That could take some doing. Still, it's something you need to do at some point -- especially since you believe that life is only one long series of extended vacations.

Extended - 8 April 2004

Getting you into the car for a long-distance trip -- or on a bus, a plane or a space shuttle, for that matter -- has never been much of a challenge. But once you've set down roots, you hate to move. Well, prepare yourself, because today's eclipse could bring just that your way. If you've been thinking about a change anyway, take a deep breath and put some of those thoughts down on paper. Anything's possible, right?

mmm. interestin. considerin i've been seriously thinkin about leavin this here my country of birth for other (greener? cooler?) pastures.

i really wanna study overseas. or get a job overseas. (but not in china. no way. been offered that opportunity and i turned it down flat then, and i'll do the same now. definitely not for me, that country. no offense to people from china, though. it's just me lah.)

australia would definitely be the best. cos i adore the place, and its english speakin, and i have friends there, and i've been there before, and the weather's perfect, and it's relatively close to home, and it's cheaper when compared to, say, the u.s. or europe, and the booze is dirt cheap. ha!

melbourne? expensive. but beautiful, or so i've heard. and monash is there. shall see for myself when i go there later this year.

sydney? mucho expensive-o. never been, but i get the impression that it's way too urbanised and city-like. not really what i'm lookin for.

brisbane? relatively cheaper. plus i adore the place. especially gold coast. i need beach-y laid back. UQ, where sue is, is not really high on my list for schools, but should be alright lah.

perth? too borin. but cheap. dunno why, but i've just never liked perth. weird, considerin i've never even been to the place. UWA is here, and its supposedly not bad.

adelaide? dunno much about the place. should go find out. hmm.

where else? can't think of any at the mo'.

and then there's the decision of what to study.

business? mass comm? definitely not any IT or engineerin based. marketin?

i wanna take psychology, though. as a minor or as part of a double degree or something. psycho-analysin is cool. probin people's minds is cool. understandin inner workins of peep's brains is cool. then can manipulate! bwahaha. i kid, of course. heh.

and then, there's the convincin of the parentals. srangely, this time, mummy's actually more supportive. daddy's the one that doesn't approve. talk about role reversals.

ah, and biggest problem-o of all? MOOLAH! no money, no go nowhere. there's always study loans, though. but then the expenses and blah blah?

sigh. much work to be done still.

but honestly, i really wanna go. its an experience. one that i wanna live for myself. one that i've always wanted to try. besides, i need a change. of pace, of environment, of people, of work, of everything!

sure, i'll miss home and my family and my bed and my room and everythin. and i'll miss my friends and my "family" a helluva lot. and i've grown up in singapore so i'll definitely miss stuff like the food, etc etc. and i'll miss all the places i hang out at, for sure - hups, gardens, the upper serangoon stretch, liquid, snooker at windsor, blah blah.

well, at least there's no boyfriend to miss. sigh.

but its a SIGN, i tell you! a freakin big flashin neon light SIGN.

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