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Sunday, April 10, 2005

friday - fry-day

EDIT : thank you, WAYNE, for bein camera monkey for the night! (happy now?! sheesh. :p)


so. me, pete, wayne, jon, steph, haresh, jay and scott (who came in time to catch the last song.) went for small boy's gig on friday. it was quite alright lah - except for the *small* issue that the sound system was extremely horrendously horrifically terribly disgustingly FARKED UP. sigh.

poor pete. looked like he was bein physically tortured. but what to do, thats what you get when you're a sound engineer / technician / person (?). heh. sound engineer hell!

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the XSJADOES (plus 1 ex-singer and 1 i-dunno-who-singer) in action

truth be told, musically, i think they sound really quite nice. put it this way - if they were to release an album that was studio recorded and blah blah, i honestly would buy it.

if only for that ONE particular song. i love that song. but i don't know the title or the band! gah! speakin of which :

JON! you're supposed to email me the mp3 of the song! please please please?

greenday's boulevard of broken dreams made an appearance too. heh. nice.

Image hosted by as usual, small boy's band got the loudest and biggest reception. i kept hearin people (guys, by the way.) screamin "eugene! eugene!". i think practically 3/4 of the people were there for the xsjadoes. phwoar. got fan base already, leh! powder-ful. heh.

and the KIDS! i tell you. especially the "groupie" girls. wah lau. they were bouncin and bouncin so energetically. if they bounced any harder, they'd shoot through the roof, man. and the SCREAMIN! freakin hell! can scare away ghosts, sia. is it any wonder i came out almost deaf (not from the music, from the shriekin groupies. sigh.)

felt so damn OLD, thats for sure. and these kids were so TINY. so small! i was tellin steph that they were practically HALF our size, man. and as steph said, they all look the same - same dressin, same hair.. haha.

CLASSIC QUOTE of the night (courtesy of mr squirrel, jon) :

"eh, got people's hands move so fast one, ah? .. living vibrator!"

(with reference to small boy eugene, who was bangin away on the drums, and who, truthfully, really has hands that move quite the very fast. heh.)

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"cheeko-pek" tryin to pick up "chio-bu" but ends up gettin rejected. muahaha!

* photo album link : xsjadoes gig *

NOTE : for those of you that want the Video Clip - its about 14 secs long and 25MB in size - just let me know and i'll email it to you. dunno how to put it up.

grabbed a quick drink after the gig then left to meet jaz. headed to o bar (becos its cheap. bleh.) then melvin appeared, after work, and jai and adrianna joined us. usual bacardi breezer. beer. bourbon. tequila shots (eeww.)

new record : 8 in a night. gah.
(and no, i'm not tryin to be cocky about it. it's irritatin after awhile lahh.)

ambushed at tiong bahru while on my way to get a cab (guy pulls up and goes "excuse me, can i offer you a ride somewhere?" hell, no! i ran. ugh.) at o bar : ambushed outside the toilet. ambushed on the dance floor. ambushed while drinkin. ambushed by one that got his female friend to get to know me and ask me to dance with her (she literally grabbed my hand and dragged me. fierce, sia. then she brought me over to her table and said "meet my friend. he would like to get to know you." and then she left me there with the guy - who's south african, by the way. speaks funny, though. hmm.)

my god. eh, i seriously think its the bracelet haze gave me lah. ever since i put it on, its been like some kind of voodoo love charm thingy. power. anyone interested in borrowin it? i charge cheap-cheap! heh.

and i wasn't even dressed up - still in my "teenager" clothes, lookin like shite after a WHOLE day out. eh. maybe that's it lah. guys have this "young girl" fetish right?! no wonder lah.

drama again. aiyohh. but this time, semi drama only. thank goodness.

so anyway. went to around midnight to meet kristian and mel after. bumped into micheala, who had just finished work. mega mega thick bourbon. one sip and i nearly fainted. bleh. and sambuca shots. gross. ugh.

oh, and i tell you - i am NEVER sittin in jai's car EVER AGAIN! at least, not when i have alcohol in me. wah lau! lucky i had melvin and jaz on either side of me, if not i would have been flyin all over the bloody place! alrite lah, its quite shiok lah, but not when you have alcohol in your system, man!

no wonder adrianna was askin me if i felt like pukin before i got in the car. when i said no, she told me "well, you will. after jai drives."

yeah balls! now i know what she means! crazy mad driver alert! heh.

madness... madness!

P/S : just so you know, i didn't get drunk, oh-kay. didn't drink that much. pretty much sober, save for a slight alco buzz. hmm. i'm learning restraint? yay for me! heh.

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