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Saturday, April 16, 2005

freakin friday

the plan for the night was to meet jeremy p., trev and gang at cafe iguana then head down to devils bar to meet joy and somewhere in between i was supposed to pop in on wayne and his brother, shilton and friends at their drinkin session, but it all got messed up somehow.

ended up at greg's birthday barby at east coast with jaz, jai and adri. as usual, crazy mad driver alert. bein flung all over the place. like a roller coaster on 4 wheels without the tracks. heh.

all the young kids were there - luke, jeremy, blah blah. greg's only 20. my god. and guess what? greg knows my younger bro cos they were both in st pat's. and their family goes to st mike's church as well. small world, huh.

got smashed from one too many beers. but good fun. chillin out with these small boys is kinda alright lah. they funny. make me laugh. plus, alcohol was many many. heh.

headed down to o bar with jaz and his cuz, sukhdeep (?) supposedly to meet trev and all.. BUT.. this is what happened :

trev : "we goin o bar tonight. wanna join us?"
me : "ok. i'll be there later."
trev : "plans changed. we not goin o bar."
me : "na beh lah! i'm goin later then now u say u not goin!"
trev : "plans changed again. we goin o bar."
me : "you all are a bunch of farkin clowns lah! ok lah. i'll be there soon."
(as i reached o bar and was walkin in)
trev : "i left o bar liao. sorry."

#$^!*^%$(#)!!! KNN!! grrrr....

wah lau eh. clowns! bloody clowns!

so anyway. proceeded to get even more smashed. saw andrew and jack. then, suddenly, i turn around and i hear this scream and i look up and see.. KIM! with mel and kristian! yay! so happy to see the girl lah.

so we started our gossip gossip. hangin out. gettin picked up by these crazy people who offered us tequila shots. and then when their backs were turned, kim tossed hers into an empty glass and made me dump mine as well and we were like : hey, cheers, pretend to drink. hahaha.

bumped into another of trev's friends, shyam, who plays snooker at windsor too. and kim got picked up by a totally hot guy but she turned him down. why, kim, WHY?! heh.

i didnt even hear my phone ring and only realised i had messages when i checked in the mornin. and didnt even know people were callin me! aiyoh. and i still can use my phone to exchange numbers with people somemore.

headed to livin room but only stayed awhile. left kim, mel and kris there and went to find food. and jaz stole the tray from the mac d's at shaw. carried the tray with the food and everything all the way in the cab to home. crazy drunk-ed person. heh.

yeah. so that was my friday night. smashed beyond belief as usual. but i always have fun, so what the hell. and it ended up all good anyways. :)

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