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Saturday, April 16, 2005


last night, a listerine pocket pack made an brief appearance while i was out. immediately, you came to mind.

i remember the first time you tried it. popped 2 sheets in your mouth. and promptly started bitchin and complainin about how hot it was. i remember laughin. you were so funny.

i still laugh at the memory..

so many things remind me of you.

so many things make me think of you.

so many things keep you fresh in my mind.

so many things. so many little things. so many innocent things. so many everyday things.

just serve to remind me.

i miss havin you around. i miss talkin to you. i miss knowin that i can just pick up the phone and call you when i'm bored. i miss the fact that you're just a cab ride away.

i miss hangin out with you. i miss the silliness. i miss the laughs. i even miss the dissin.

i miss you.

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