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Saturday, April 30, 2005

a high price to pay for a fun night out

wednesday night, i was havin a blast. until the end of the night, when THE INCIDENT happened. grrr.

the story begins around 7pm, when i met joy at suntec's balaclava, for our soon-becomin-weekly-ritual of happy hour hoegardens and men-bashin female-talk session.

so there we were, happily drinkin, at the bar outside (since inside got no space) when suddenly.. this super hot and totally gorgeous guy stands at the bar, directly opposite us.

OH MY GOD. i practically faint with excitement. its UTT! that VJ from MTV!

let me tell you. this guy, is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. i was droolin. i spent the entire night grabbin joy's hand and sayin "he is so hot!".. very embarassin, yes, but he really is GORGEOUS.

Image hosted by Image hosted by
UTT is the one in white, on the right.

ya lah. i know lah. cannot really see lah. eh, i was tryin my best to SECRETLY take a photo of him while pretendin to play with my phone, oh-kay!
this is the best already! take photo of him full on, when he's facin me, then he sure know i'm takin of him, right?! liddat so pai seh! i scared malu, leh..
but trust me. it WAS him. definitely. 100% chop-stamp-guarantee-with-money-back-refund.

somewhere along the way, trevor came down to join us, and UTT and gang moved to a table directly behind us.

joy kept eggin me on, tellin me to go up and talk to him. so, when i finally am intoxicated enough to throw caution to the wind, and actually go up and talk to him, guess what i asked him..

i went up to him, said hi, then said "you're really hot, but are you gay?"

OH MY GOD! what was i thinkin!! i still cant believe i did that!! freakin pai seh! what kinda openin line is THAT??

i blame trevor, by the way, for poisonin my mind and causin me to ask that question. bleh.

of course, UTT says "no!" and i go "alright." and i turn around.

later, i realise how stupid it must have seemed, so i try to redeem myself goin up to him again, on the pretext of clinkin glasses with them, and i apologise to UTT "sorry about that. its just that some of my friends think you're gay." and he graciously goes, smilin brightly, "no problem. alot of people think that."

DOH!! i feel like such a complete CUCKOO.. sigh.. foot in mouth syndrome strikes again. aiyoh!

after awhile, UTT and gang leave and me, joy and trev depart for o bar for more drinks.

the rest of the night passed in quite a blur.

o bar, joy left, me and trev went to liquidroom to meet huilam, jaz came, me, trev and jaz went back to o bar..

i was verily drunken. i know i had 3 pints of hoegarden, 1 flamin lamborghini, at least 2 tequila shots, and some other drinks. i cant remember.

and then. THEN. at the end of everything, we left the club at closin time. and i realised my bag wasnt with me.

so this girl that was with us, but i dont know who she is, i think a friend of a friend, says "oh, i think i know where ur bag is." and she goes off and gets my bag from someone.

when i get my bag back, jaz tells me to check my wallet. and i do. only to find that the $600 i had inside was GONE

NABEH! KNN! no amount of cursin and swearin can mirror accurately my feelins.

we try to find out who has taken my money, but of course, its too late. so we make a report with the policemen who are stationed at mohd sultan, and thats that.

i know there's no way i'm gettin my money back. i'm resigned to that fact. it just feels damn farked up.

especially since that money was supposed to be put towards payin my bills, and so now i am royally screwed for the rest of the month. flat out brokers.

yes, i know its my own fault. i shouldnt have been carryin that much cash with me (my reason is that i was in a rush and there was no bank nearby, so i was goin to pop into the bank first thing the next mornin to deposit the money.) i shouldnt have gotten so drunk till the point where i couldnt take care of my own things. i shouldnt have left my bag on the table, with my wallet in it, in full sight of every tom, dick or thief.

but still.


i've learned a lesson, but i'm very very very upset.


its saturday. i'm supposed to be in KL now. but no. i am at HOME. in singapore. bah.

the bee messaged me late last night, informin me that the trip was cancelled cos his friend couldn't make it. boo hoo! no seafood for me! sob sob.

oh well. there's always next time, yes?

didnt have to wake up early this mornin, so i went out in the end last night. was at attica for, like, erm.. 45min?! very crowded. many many ang mohs. no mood to dance dance.

newton by 2.30am, eatin supper and drinkin beer. SO HOT! i cant take this horrible heat, man.. ugh.

and now, i am off to get ready and meet the bestie for dinner and drinks. poor thing lah, that boy. cannot go KL do hair, so must do in singapore, at double the price! heh.

right. off i go. toodles, peeps!


P/S : steph! i'm so sad! i didnt get to go KL! we should plan a trip, yes? before you leave for US. lets go up together and eat seafood!! haha. and i miss you too! hope the exams are comin along fine. will see you real real soon :)

Friday, April 29, 2005

KL, here i come!

on-again-off-again KL outin this weekend with the best friend and two of his colleagues is definitely ON. yay!

i initially backed outta the trip due to the fact that i was broke (why? another story for another post. knn. very angry.) but i am now goin up, with a lil bit of sponsored cash, courtesy of the parentals. and i am gonna try to survive on that meagre amount of money (wish me luck! the way i spend money, i foresee many many problems. sigh.)

i seriously need to get away from singapore for awhile and relax, especially after the week i've had. sigh.

one of the reasons the bestie is goin up so he can get another "chop" on his precious, almost brand new passport. heh. seein as how he only got his passport THIS YEAR, at the ripe old age of TWENTY FIVE, i think i can understand his enthusiasm. haha.

and, he's also gonna go cut and colour his hair. yesh. me bestie very vain. his hair is his life. god help the foolish ones who mess the "do"! the wind and the rain are his mortal enemies, becos they mess up his hair and melt his wax. sigh. that's my best friend and adopted brother for you.

so, he's invitin me along cos he knows how much i love my trips across the causeway - especially for the SEAFOOD! oh, and of course the cheapo cigarette-oes. and at least they're drivin up so i dont have to take the damn bus. bleh.

yay! how excitin! happy happy joy joy! especially since luke and the kids (i call them "the kids" cos they're all so YOUNG - 20? plus minus. make me feel so bloody OLD OLD OLD. ugh.) went up to JB last saturday for go-kartin and seafood, and i wanted to go!!

i was positively green with envy when luke came back and was tellin me about all the food they ate, just to make me jealous.. mean evil person! bah.

but neber mind! this weekend MY turn. and luke will be stuck doin national service duties the entire weekend. muahahaha!

whether or not we stay overnight is as yet undecided. dependin on what we end up doin, i guess. or how late we hang around till. hmm. i dont really wanna stay overnight, becos i have no moolah!! but we'll see how it goes lah.

seafood! come to mama! yum yum yum. *drool*

seems ALOT of people are goin up to KL this weekend. what's up with that, dudes?! oh yeah. long weekend. me forgot. heh.

kim, kris and mel will be there. so will my boss.. eh, must start prayin. i better not bump into him. na beh.

hmm. ok lah. thats not really ALOT of people lah. but still.. heh.

oh, and my dad rocks! best money changer in singapore, JB, and some say batam! for SGD50, i get RM150. best-est exchange rate evar!! hahaha.

job hazard

i work as a personal assistant, which means that i.. erh.. assist my boss personally? in a way, i guess.

the good thing about my job, is that i have quite alot of free time, especially since the boss is constantly travellin so i'm pretty much on my own. of course, when he's back in singapore, things get kinda hectic, and i sometimes have to do major overtime, even until 10pm.

one of the not-so-good things about my job, is that my boss can be such a GOONDU at times, honestly.

for example, he will tell me, at 4pm, that he wants to fly to china/thailand/wherever-it-is-he-is-goin. and he wants to fly TONIGHT.

so i have to scramble scramble, and secure a ticket for him. not easy, trust me, especially when he has all these "conditions" about his air ticket to fulfill.

cannot be too expensive.. must allow frequent date changes (becos he's always changin his schedule).. must fit with his country-hoppin schedule..
blah blah.

at times, after everything is done, and i have pissed off my travel agent by rushin her like mad and askin too many questions - my boss will ask me one thing at a time : "how much? can change date? flight times?", so i've learned to ask all at one shot to save myself trouble (i used to piss off my travel agent by callin her every 5min with questions.) my boss will request a change of flight, becos "schedule cannot fit". sigh.

ask me to rush rush rush, then in the end, its all for NOTHIN. nabeh.

the other day, he really took it to a new level.

within less than 1 hour, i had to call SQ and change his flight 5 times. back and forth between the same 2 ones. wah piang eh!

first, it was change from 12.50am to 10.10am.
then, change back to 12.50am again.
15 min later, change to 10.10am once more.
and then, back to the 12.50am flight.
finally, it was settled on the 10.10am one.

uncle, can make up your mind first anot, ah? then tell me. dont have to make me call so many times right!!

i'm suprised the SQ reservation hotline people didnt have a major cow, with the constant changin of flights.

and today, he complained to me, very pek-cek-ly, that he was tryin to file his income tax (yes, he's late. he blames me for not remindin him to file in time. na beh. i did remind him ok! he just forgot i reminded him. knn.) and he couldnt get into the portal to file, even though he'd been tryin for the past half an hour.

ok. i thought. maybe the portal got problem, since i've been hearin a lot of stories and complaints about that. so i said, call income tax and see what they say. phone engaged leh! hmm.

so i tell him to try again, while i watch what he does.

turns out the problem is, when you log in the first time, they will prompt you to change your PIN no, and he kept gettin stuck on that page. why?


the new PIN must be ALPHANUMERIC, which means that must have both LETTERS and NUMBERS.

my boss, was tryin to choose a password that had JUST NUMBERS. so, a little prompt came up, when the page reloaded, in bright RED COLOUR somemore, sayin something like :

"the new PIN you choose must be ALPHANUMERIC. please re-enter your new PIN."

and then my boss turns to me and says "you see! you see! why cannot?!"

and i just stare at him, speechless. before i shake my head and point out that little fact to him. "your PIN must have both letters and numbers..."

so he tries again.


i cannot believe he had been tryin for a whole half and hour, and never figured it out, until i pointed it out to him.

and it wasnt one of those "easy to miss" things. i noticed it first thing. sigh.

after that, he was searchin high and low for his office keys. all over his table, in his bag, on my table.. askin me where they were.. "i had them just now! what happened to them now?" as if i were the one at fault for his keys gone missin.

so i looked around his office, and within 5 seconds, i spotted the elusive keys - hangin from the keyhole of his drawers, right in front of his knee.

"er, your keys are there.."
"oh... ok..."

bwahahahahaha! seriously. i didnt know whether to burst out laughin, or slap him silly for bein so cuckoo.

the things people do sometimes.. really makes you wonder, doesnt it? heh.

Monday, April 25, 2005

my new slogan shall be...


now, is it just me, of does this damn slogan seem terribly dirty, in the X-rated sense. i mean, it says to DRINK me. and there's only, erm, ONE way i know how thats possible. heh. heh. HEH.

hmm. maybe its just me and my amazing one track mind, eh? heh.

and no. i didn't think this one up by myself. i got it of some silly website that generates slogans of whatever you enter into the little box.

i'm serious. i entered my name and this was the first slogan to come up.

these other silly ones came up as well:

(oh yes. i'm the all knowing, numero uno, head honcho, supreme genius of the universe. heh.)

(honestly, i can't think of anything that i can test and like and yet still get a mother's approval. *evil grin*)

(oh yes. i should just go clubbing and hang this sign around my neck. that should do the trick. plus, it'll be so much fun. NOT.)

(damn right.)

(erh.. yeah. i do, actually - just go on and on and on. eh, i meant "talkin" alright! especially when i'm drunk. stop thinkin whatever it is you're thinkin!)

(..... n.o.c.o.m.m.e.n.t .....)

(my goodness.. how wrong this sounds..)

ok. i really should stop playing with this thing now. somehow it just seems to be getting suggestive-er and suggestive-er! talk about havin a one-track mind. dirty-minded generator. tsk. so verily amusing. har dee har har.

have a go at the advertising slogan generator

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

one wednesday afternoon...

4.24pm - somewhere in ulu baba central, a.k.a ubi

[ EILEEN's phone rings beeps emits polyphonic ringtone to the tune of justin timberlake's "cry me a river", or as it is known more affectionately amongst the hups gang, "show me your beaver". ]

"heh. go check out the latest at; it should be dedicated to you, hellspawn." -- WAYNE

4.35pm - still in ulu baba central

[ EILEEN is slackin off has a moment to spare from her busy workin schedule and decides to see what WAYNE is makin a fuss about. ]

Image hosted by

4.36pm - obviously still in ulu baba central, becos EILEEN is not some kinda superwoman that can transport herself over great distances in minutes by flyin or teleportin

[ EILEEN almost falls off her chair laughin. ]

*** THE END ***

ahahaha! basta! it's cos of the adolf hitler II, innit?! or was it the fellatio reference? either way, it's still YOUR fault for startin it. tsk. how disrespectful.

ok. i feel guilty now. i shall repent and be saved. (i hope!)


director's note (in order to cover backside) :

in case anyone realises what i'm talkin about, or connects the dots and unmasks the identity of adolf hitler II :

please let it be known that absolutely no offense is meant. it is purely a joke.

if you happen to find it in bad taste, i honestly do apologise. so please, kindly refrain from the hate-mail/angry-remarks/etc-etc.

not your average laughs

am i weird (or just plain evil) for findin this freakin funny?

Jesus is hanging on the cross and John approaches.

John says: "Jesus, its John. How may I serve thee ain thy time of need?"


i am so guilty of blasphemy.. and then, the obligatory follow up :

What's the difference between the Pope and Michael Jackson?

The Pope is dead.

right. that's it. i am SO goin to hell for sure. but at least i'll have company, in the form of WAYNE. heh. adolf hitler II. heh.

and finally! we have a solid answer to the question that has plagued us all for generations :

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Earlier that morning the farmers daughter had inadvertantly left the gate to the yard open as she was preoccupied by her worry over a maths test set for that day. She hadn't studied for the test as she was still deeply distressed over her fathers recent heart attack. This, coupled with the added burden of household chores now delegated to her because her mother was out trying to get the west field prepared for sowing, had made her quite forgetful and distacted of late.

Whilst several chickens escaped, only one strayed so far that it actually encountered the road facing the farm. After crossing the road and gorging itself in a soybean crop, the chicken was struck by a furniture removalists van as it attempted to make its way home.

(continues - edited out)

check out more jokes with realistic endins - via cowboy caleb

i've finished the chores, evil step-mother

  • made the bed.

  • packed the clothes cupboard.

  • did the laundry.

  • hung the clothes out to dry.

  • washed the dishes.

  • scrubbed the sink.

  • cleaned the kitchen counter.

  • packed the kitchen counter.

  • tidied the livin room.

  • cleaned the bedside table.

  • packed the bedside table.

  • wiped random surfaces.

  • took out the garbage.

oh my god. what is happenin to me?! i'm turnin into a domesticated woman! pretty soon, i'm gonna be a carbon copy of monica from f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

i can feel it startin already - was cluck cluckin away at the dirtiness and untidiness, and startin cleanin frenzy becos it irritated me so much to see the mess!

i'm morphin into a modern-day, not-so-poor-thing, sans-evil-step-family CINDERELLA... where the hell is my prince charmin and my glass slipper?! and i think my fairy godmother is AWOL due to massive hangover...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

freakin friday

the plan for the night was to meet jeremy p., trev and gang at cafe iguana then head down to devils bar to meet joy and somewhere in between i was supposed to pop in on wayne and his brother, shilton and friends at their drinkin session, but it all got messed up somehow.

ended up at greg's birthday barby at east coast with jaz, jai and adri. as usual, crazy mad driver alert. bein flung all over the place. like a roller coaster on 4 wheels without the tracks. heh.

all the young kids were there - luke, jeremy, blah blah. greg's only 20. my god. and guess what? greg knows my younger bro cos they were both in st pat's. and their family goes to st mike's church as well. small world, huh.

got smashed from one too many beers. but good fun. chillin out with these small boys is kinda alright lah. they funny. make me laugh. plus, alcohol was many many. heh.

headed down to o bar with jaz and his cuz, sukhdeep (?) supposedly to meet trev and all.. BUT.. this is what happened :

trev : "we goin o bar tonight. wanna join us?"
me : "ok. i'll be there later."
trev : "plans changed. we not goin o bar."
me : "na beh lah! i'm goin later then now u say u not goin!"
trev : "plans changed again. we goin o bar."
me : "you all are a bunch of farkin clowns lah! ok lah. i'll be there soon."
(as i reached o bar and was walkin in)
trev : "i left o bar liao. sorry."

#$^!*^%$(#)!!! KNN!! grrrr....

wah lau eh. clowns! bloody clowns!

so anyway. proceeded to get even more smashed. saw andrew and jack. then, suddenly, i turn around and i hear this scream and i look up and see.. KIM! with mel and kristian! yay! so happy to see the girl lah.

so we started our gossip gossip. hangin out. gettin picked up by these crazy people who offered us tequila shots. and then when their backs were turned, kim tossed hers into an empty glass and made me dump mine as well and we were like : hey, cheers, pretend to drink. hahaha.

bumped into another of trev's friends, shyam, who plays snooker at windsor too. and kim got picked up by a totally hot guy but she turned him down. why, kim, WHY?! heh.

i didnt even hear my phone ring and only realised i had messages when i checked in the mornin. and didnt even know people were callin me! aiyoh. and i still can use my phone to exchange numbers with people somemore.

headed to livin room but only stayed awhile. left kim, mel and kris there and went to find food. and jaz stole the tray from the mac d's at shaw. carried the tray with the food and everything all the way in the cab to home. crazy drunk-ed person. heh.

yeah. so that was my friday night. smashed beyond belief as usual. but i always have fun, so what the hell. and it ended up all good anyways. :)


last night, a listerine pocket pack made an brief appearance while i was out. immediately, you came to mind.

i remember the first time you tried it. popped 2 sheets in your mouth. and promptly started bitchin and complainin about how hot it was. i remember laughin. you were so funny.

i still laugh at the memory..

so many things remind me of you.

so many things make me think of you.

so many things keep you fresh in my mind.

so many things. so many little things. so many innocent things. so many everyday things.

just serve to remind me.

i miss havin you around. i miss talkin to you. i miss knowin that i can just pick up the phone and call you when i'm bored. i miss the fact that you're just a cab ride away.

i miss hangin out with you. i miss the silliness. i miss the laughs. i even miss the dissin.

i miss you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

too many photographs

very long overdue - easter weekend happenins...


thursday - 24 March 05 :
balaclava @ suntec with my darlin joy

i adore hangin out with joy. she's my sweetheart! i love you, dear! god, i sound like a lesbo. meh.

men bashin. gossip. catchin up. hoegarden rocks my ding dongs! cam-whores. high on 2 pints (pathetic) no eye candy! (so sad. sigh)

joy claims that i've lost so much weight in the one month she hasn't seen me, that i look emanciated now. got meh?? too much drinkin, not enough food, even less sleep. heh.

must always remember : "men. they're either ugly, or they're bastards." oh, how the truth hurts. sigh.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

and can you believe they actually charged freakin $6 for that measly bowl of black pepper potato chips?! wah lau. they charge the same amount for a basket of fries! terrible. tsk.

and i would have ordered the fries but the damn kitchen was closed and i was too hungry (and intoxicated.) to bother so i just took whatever they could offer me - a $6 bowl of chips. bah!


friday - 25 March 05 :
night out with huilam and his sydney pals - james & marge

zion road hawker for local fare (stingray, sotong, char kway teow, ice kachang, etc) altivo @ mount faber for the fabulous view (and expensive drinks - but they make up for the price by bein stronger than normal lah)

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by

(1) awesome view from mount faber. twinkle twinkle city lights!

(2) oh, how i love the drinks list at altivo. cracks me up everytime - blow job, japanese nipple, quick fuck, deep throat, die cock standing.. bwahahaha!

Image hosted by Image hosted by

(1) we got cheated by the viewin telescope thingys. we put in money but couldnt see jack shite! grrrr.

(2) huilam's flower car! boys and girls, don't park under flowerin trees, a'ite? see what happens. and there was flower sap all over the car so we had to go for a car wash (at 4am) to get it all off. sigh.

dropped james and marge back at orchard parade hotel, then me and HL hit liquid room!

saw people from st. mike's church at liquid. smokin and gettin stoned drunk. my my. shockin! how my mother would disapprove! heh.

got caught in a road block around newton on the way back. horrible! traffic was backed up all the way - it was like the freakin causeway jam, man. no trouble though. didn't get stopped. prob cos the road was so clogged they had to hurry up and get the cars through and clear the jam.


saturday - 26 March 05 :
cousin's baptism & easter mass + hazey's birthday @ wow + night out with fique, kim & gang

Image hosted by Photobucket.comspent 3+ hours in church! wah lau. kena bluff by my mother. she told me it would be about an hour to an hour and a half, maximum. bleh.

me eldest cuzzie is now me god brother as well, seein as how my parents are now his god parents. and now me mummy is naggin me to hurry up and get baptised as well. sigh. yeah yeah yeah.

they made me camera monkey for the baptism. so embarrass-ment. had to act all sookoo-baba and behave like japanese tourist : take pee-chur take pee-chur! gah.


rushed down to wow at boat quay for my darlin sister haze's birthday bash. got there at 11.30ish. she was already drunk-ed. aiyoh!

wonderful to see the wow peeps again - haze, maine, steph, frankie, felicia, niki... didnt take me long to get smashed as well. drinkin beer like it was water - "cheers! half! cheers! half! cheers! half!"

Image hosted by Image hosted by

had to drink on birthday girl's behalf too, cos she was too bloody gone. vodka vanilla 7up. and a couple of shots on the rocks. gross. oh well, as long as my mei mei was happy. hee.


escaped the drunkards at wow around 2am. headed to meet fique and friends at this cool place along tanjong pagar - eski bar (its so cold! the interior is FROZEN. people wear winter coats inside. heh. power.)

left after awhile. kristian and mel went home. me, fique, kim, melvin and jaz adjourned to o bar. drink drink drink. saw trev's friend, andrew, there. as well as an old old ex-boyfriend of mine, jack. aiyoh. got drunk-ed.

Image hosted by Image hosted by
me and kim : me and fique (drunk-ed and freakin tired as hell.)

Image hosted by
jaz and melvin = pool sharkies!

then it was off to around midnight at cuppage. met another old friend, cynthia. sobered up. fique sent kim home before joinin us at bedroom in boat quay for even more drinks. sun was up when we left. i think it was around 9am. ugh. completely smashed outta my skull.


sunday - 27 March 05 :
home. major ass hangover. bitch of a headache. ugh.

***** fast forward one week of sloggin at work *****

friday - 1 April 05 :
ice cold beer with jon & steph

Image hosted by Image hosted by

beer, food, good company, great laughs, conversation, chillin out - what more can you ask for?

* PHOTO ALBUM * (thanks steph!)

Monday, April 11, 2005

"moove is more"

Image hosted by
I SEE PAPER COWS! moo? (pic from alt via cowboy caleb)

for eons, i have been goin mad tryin to figure out what those silly cow prints and tails stickin out of public buses and taxis have been about, and no one i asked could tell me!

and then on saturday, i was on the way to bishan to catch a movie when i saw these silly paper 2D cows "grazin" on a field by the roadside. to say i was shocked would be an understatement! i wanted to ask the cabby to pull over so i could take a photo but he was drivin too fast.

well, today, finally, the mystery has been solved! yay! i am enlightened!

turns out its part of a ad/marketin campaign done by comfort/delgro.

i'm impressed. wonderful campaign, if you ask me. they've definitely caught and held my interest, thats for sure.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

friday - fry-day

EDIT : thank you, WAYNE, for bein camera monkey for the night! (happy now?! sheesh. :p)


so. me, pete, wayne, jon, steph, haresh, jay and scott (who came in time to catch the last song.) went for small boy's gig on friday. it was quite alright lah - except for the *small* issue that the sound system was extremely horrendously horrifically terribly disgustingly FARKED UP. sigh.

poor pete. looked like he was bein physically tortured. but what to do, thats what you get when you're a sound engineer / technician / person (?). heh. sound engineer hell!

Image hosted by
the XSJADOES (plus 1 ex-singer and 1 i-dunno-who-singer) in action

truth be told, musically, i think they sound really quite nice. put it this way - if they were to release an album that was studio recorded and blah blah, i honestly would buy it.

if only for that ONE particular song. i love that song. but i don't know the title or the band! gah! speakin of which :

JON! you're supposed to email me the mp3 of the song! please please please?

greenday's boulevard of broken dreams made an appearance too. heh. nice.

Image hosted by as usual, small boy's band got the loudest and biggest reception. i kept hearin people (guys, by the way.) screamin "eugene! eugene!". i think practically 3/4 of the people were there for the xsjadoes. phwoar. got fan base already, leh! powder-ful. heh.

and the KIDS! i tell you. especially the "groupie" girls. wah lau. they were bouncin and bouncin so energetically. if they bounced any harder, they'd shoot through the roof, man. and the SCREAMIN! freakin hell! can scare away ghosts, sia. is it any wonder i came out almost deaf (not from the music, from the shriekin groupies. sigh.)

felt so damn OLD, thats for sure. and these kids were so TINY. so small! i was tellin steph that they were practically HALF our size, man. and as steph said, they all look the same - same dressin, same hair.. haha.

CLASSIC QUOTE of the night (courtesy of mr squirrel, jon) :

"eh, got people's hands move so fast one, ah? .. living vibrator!"

(with reference to small boy eugene, who was bangin away on the drums, and who, truthfully, really has hands that move quite the very fast. heh.)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
"cheeko-pek" tryin to pick up "chio-bu" but ends up gettin rejected. muahaha!

* photo album link : xsjadoes gig *

NOTE : for those of you that want the Video Clip - its about 14 secs long and 25MB in size - just let me know and i'll email it to you. dunno how to put it up.

grabbed a quick drink after the gig then left to meet jaz. headed to o bar (becos its cheap. bleh.) then melvin appeared, after work, and jai and adrianna joined us. usual bacardi breezer. beer. bourbon. tequila shots (eeww.)

new record : 8 in a night. gah.
(and no, i'm not tryin to be cocky about it. it's irritatin after awhile lahh.)

ambushed at tiong bahru while on my way to get a cab (guy pulls up and goes "excuse me, can i offer you a ride somewhere?" hell, no! i ran. ugh.) at o bar : ambushed outside the toilet. ambushed on the dance floor. ambushed while drinkin. ambushed by one that got his female friend to get to know me and ask me to dance with her (she literally grabbed my hand and dragged me. fierce, sia. then she brought me over to her table and said "meet my friend. he would like to get to know you." and then she left me there with the guy - who's south african, by the way. speaks funny, though. hmm.)

my god. eh, i seriously think its the bracelet haze gave me lah. ever since i put it on, its been like some kind of voodoo love charm thingy. power. anyone interested in borrowin it? i charge cheap-cheap! heh.

and i wasn't even dressed up - still in my "teenager" clothes, lookin like shite after a WHOLE day out. eh. maybe that's it lah. guys have this "young girl" fetish right?! no wonder lah.

drama again. aiyohh. but this time, semi drama only. thank goodness.

so anyway. went to around midnight to meet kristian and mel after. bumped into micheala, who had just finished work. mega mega thick bourbon. one sip and i nearly fainted. bleh. and sambuca shots. gross. ugh.

oh, and i tell you - i am NEVER sittin in jai's car EVER AGAIN! at least, not when i have alcohol in me. wah lau! lucky i had melvin and jaz on either side of me, if not i would have been flyin all over the bloody place! alrite lah, its quite shiok lah, but not when you have alcohol in your system, man!

no wonder adrianna was askin me if i felt like pukin before i got in the car. when i said no, she told me "well, you will. after jai drives."

yeah balls! now i know what she means! crazy mad driver alert! heh.

madness... madness!

P/S : just so you know, i didn't get drunk, oh-kay. didn't drink that much. pretty much sober, save for a slight alco buzz. hmm. i'm learning restraint? yay for me! heh.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

there can only be THAT many signs

y'know how friendster has this new feature - providing joint horoscopes for you and your friends.. check out this one i got for me and a friend today :

Friendster Joint Horoscope for April 9, 2005

You and *xxyy* have smooth sailing ahead.

Don't be surprised if you each have a dream featuring the other now -- dreams where the symbolism isn't at all mysterious. You're prominent in each other's minds just below the surface, and thoughts and feelings are percolating in the most interesting ways -- ways that your conscious mind may not be quite ready for. Your subconscious, on the other hand, says bring it on. Want to help it along? Take a few moments to really relax and concentrate. Your daydreams have a message for you too.

strange. another sign? haha. nah, i figure it's just a helluva freaky coincidence.

coincidence that earlier today, before i chanced on this horoscope thingy, i was out and i saw something that reminded me of this person, and i started thinking about him.

gosh. d'ya think from now on, everytime i see this particular thing, i'm gonna immediately remember him? cannot lah. its everywhere! i'll end up with him in my mind ALL THE TIME. no no no. cannot. will drive myself insane lahh.

"You're prominent in each other's minds just below the surface" - ha! yeah, right. where got time?!

coincidence. thats all. yup. just coincidence. mmhmm.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

it's a sign. a SIGN!

check out my horoscope for today :

Overview - 8 April 2004

It's not hard to talk you into traveling -- but moving long-distance? That could take some doing. Still, it's something you need to do at some point -- especially since you believe that life is only one long series of extended vacations.

Extended - 8 April 2004

Getting you into the car for a long-distance trip -- or on a bus, a plane or a space shuttle, for that matter -- has never been much of a challenge. But once you've set down roots, you hate to move. Well, prepare yourself, because today's eclipse could bring just that your way. If you've been thinking about a change anyway, take a deep breath and put some of those thoughts down on paper. Anything's possible, right?

mmm. interestin. considerin i've been seriously thinkin about leavin this here my country of birth for other (greener? cooler?) pastures.

i really wanna study overseas. or get a job overseas. (but not in china. no way. been offered that opportunity and i turned it down flat then, and i'll do the same now. definitely not for me, that country. no offense to people from china, though. it's just me lah.)

australia would definitely be the best. cos i adore the place, and its english speakin, and i have friends there, and i've been there before, and the weather's perfect, and it's relatively close to home, and it's cheaper when compared to, say, the u.s. or europe, and the booze is dirt cheap. ha!

melbourne? expensive. but beautiful, or so i've heard. and monash is there. shall see for myself when i go there later this year.

sydney? mucho expensive-o. never been, but i get the impression that it's way too urbanised and city-like. not really what i'm lookin for.

brisbane? relatively cheaper. plus i adore the place. especially gold coast. i need beach-y laid back. UQ, where sue is, is not really high on my list for schools, but should be alright lah.

perth? too borin. but cheap. dunno why, but i've just never liked perth. weird, considerin i've never even been to the place. UWA is here, and its supposedly not bad.

adelaide? dunno much about the place. should go find out. hmm.

where else? can't think of any at the mo'.

and then there's the decision of what to study.

business? mass comm? definitely not any IT or engineerin based. marketin?

i wanna take psychology, though. as a minor or as part of a double degree or something. psycho-analysin is cool. probin people's minds is cool. understandin inner workins of peep's brains is cool. then can manipulate! bwahaha. i kid, of course. heh.

and then, there's the convincin of the parentals. srangely, this time, mummy's actually more supportive. daddy's the one that doesn't approve. talk about role reversals.

ah, and biggest problem-o of all? MOOLAH! no money, no go nowhere. there's always study loans, though. but then the expenses and blah blah?

sigh. much work to be done still.

but honestly, i really wanna go. its an experience. one that i wanna live for myself. one that i've always wanted to try. besides, i need a change. of pace, of environment, of people, of work, of everything!

sure, i'll miss home and my family and my bed and my room and everythin. and i'll miss my friends and my "family" a helluva lot. and i've grown up in singapore so i'll definitely miss stuff like the food, etc etc. and i'll miss all the places i hang out at, for sure - hups, gardens, the upper serangoon stretch, liquid, snooker at windsor, blah blah.

well, at least there's no boyfriend to miss. sigh.

but its a SIGN, i tell you! a freakin big flashin neon light SIGN.

Monday, April 04, 2005

its tiger time!

it is 11.45pm and i just got home. bein stuck in the office on a monday until almost freakin 10pm is definitely so NOT FUN.

and havin to do major accountin work while stuck in the office is absolutely horrendously detestably disgustin THE PIT OF THE PITS.


but at least its all done now. finally! yay! 3 cheers for lil miss efficient - ME! wah lau. skin damn thick. ahahaha. oops.

and goin the entire day without food and only eatin dinner - my first meal of the day - at 10pm is sucky to the total max. i didn't even realise how starved i was till i started eatin.

oh, wonderful chicken chop - must remember - at tampines street 72. pity about the french fries though. they were so crispy hard they're weapons lah! if you throw them at someone it would stab them sia. i couldn't even poke them with my fork - they were resistant to metal! seriously. damn "pow-der-ful". heh.

silly conversation about sheep and i-dunno-what-other-weird-stuff did manage to cheer me up and get rid of the stress though. laughin is therapeutic.

and now, i am off - to meet friends and grab myself a BEER. becos i need to be rewarded for a super hard day's work (eh, more than 12 hours hor. what the fuck, man.) and my batteries need to be majorly recharged.

give that girl a TIGER! yeah!

its monday again

wah lau. what is wrong with the toilets today?!



this is so disgustin. ALL but ONE of the cubicles in the female restroom on my floor at work are SPOILT! damn flushes wont flush! which results in poop filled toilet bowls that stink to high heavens!

and the lone single working flush-haven't-spoil-yet loo is soooo horrendously dirty. yuck yuck yuck.


and accordin to wayne, it took him 4 tries on his end to find a toilet with decent hygiene too. but his experience is worse - poop ON the seats of the bowls, instead of IN them.

all together now - eeeewwww! gross-a-rama!


went out last nite for number ball session with pete and the bee.

it was awesome! i was damn good towards the end, man. managed to claw my way from being down at 40 points back up to 63 points. phwoar! so proud of me-self. heh.

and i love love love the cue that the bee lent me! my new precious (now that my old precious, the creative mp3 player, is no longer with me.)!

seriously - the cue you use really DOES make a difference. especially when you got no skill, like me. bleh.


saturday afternoon was spent at sim lim square with fique. lookin at digicams and tryin to find accessories (of which there were NONE, by the way. hmph.) for my mp3 player.

wah lau. i tell you. we were walkin round and round and round and round! i dunno how many times we walked in circles, but i'm suprised we didn't start to cut grooves in the floors from all the walkin, man.

and i didn't manage to find the "kenny" webcam! i'm so sad! i want my "kenny"! its so cute! i'm so jealous that mal has it and i don't. boo hoo.

grabbed a quick lunch/dinner at the coffeeshop at my place before headin home, where i promptly knocked out. eh, walkin is exhaustin, oh-kay. phew.

then it was back out again at nite for yet another mad time of clubbin and drinkin, and drama-mama towards the end of the nite somemore. exciting? hmm.

went to this really cool chill out place called 37 along keong saik road. kinda liked the atmosphere there (except for the fact that it was SO crowded that nite cos there was some kind of event goin on.) and the drinks were relatively cheap - $28 for a jug of vodka cranberry.

NOTE TO SELF : must remember to bring the gang there one of these days to hang out.

then we headed to o-bar for more drinkin and dancin, and finally ended up in livin room at marriot, where drama-mama took place. but i have to say lah - the dude totally deserved it. jerk.

NOTE TO SELF : pizza at livin room is POWER to the max. niiiiice.


oops! boss is back, which means breaktime has ended. sigh. time for me to return to work. sayonara, y'all!

lonely - akon


thanks to fique and kim, who were singin it over and over on saturday night, i now have this song stuck in me head! and i keep hearin kim's voice singin it! she's so cute lahhh.

but hey. the song's cool so i'll just leave it to circulate in me brain for abit. heh.


Lonely, I'm so lonely,
I have nobody,
For my owwnnn
I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody,
For my owwnnn
I'm so lonely,

Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there ya kno
Got to have one good girl whose always been there like ya
Kno took all the bullshit then one day
She cant take it no more and decides to leave

I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed my girl wasn't by my side,
Coulda sworn I was dreamin, for her I was feenin,
So I hadda take a little ride, back tracking ova these few years,
Tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad,
Cuz ever since my girl left me, my whole life came crashin and

I'm so lonely (so lonely),
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

Cant belive I hadda girl like you and I just let you walk right outta my life,
After all I put u thru u still stuck around and stayed by my side,
What really hurt me is I broke ur heart,
Baby you were a good girl and I had no right,
I really wanna make things right, cuz without u in my life girl

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody to call my own)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

Been all about the world ain't neva met a girl that can take the things that you been through
Never thought the day would come where you would get up and run and I would be out chasing u
Cuz aint nowhere in the globe id rather be, aint noone in the globe id rather see then the girl of my dreams that made me
Be so happy but now so lonely

So lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own)

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girrll

Never thought that id be alone, I didnt hope you'd be gone this long,
I jus want u to call my phone, so stop playing girl and
Come on home (come on home), baby girl I didn't mean to shout,
I want me and you to work it out, I never wished Id ever
Hurt my baby, and its drivin me crazy cuz...

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own)

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girll

Lonely, so lonely
So lonely, (so lonely),
Mr. Lonely, so lonely
So lonely, so lonely, (so lonely), Mr. Lonely

Friday, April 01, 2005

welcome home, brandon!

picking up the best friend from the airport on tuesday night turned out to be a bigger affair than i thought it would be. but it was hilarious fun!

i was supposed to get there at 7.30pm but as usual, i got there late at 7.45pm (eh, this time not my fault. PIE got huge jam!)

when i arrived, i expected to see val and the kids, maybe scott and trev, and probably bran's mum.

wah. was i wrong. entourage, man.

Image hosted by Photobucket.combran's mum - auntie joyce.
bran's grandma - nanny.
bran's godma - auntie jean.
bran's aunt - auntie kat.
bran's sister - val.
bran's brother - scott.
bran's godson (val's elder boy) - timmy.
bran's nephew (val's younger boy) - ethan.
bran's cousin (auntie kat's daughter) - belinda.
bran's cousin (auntie kat's son) - adam.
bran's friend (scott's bestie) - wayne.
bran's friend - trevor.

and of course, there was me - bran's best friend / sister / friend-of-family.

13 people to pick up one small fella. heh.

and val wanted to embarrass the bee, so she made a huge sign to hold up. it was frickin BIG. she printed out "welcome home bran" - ONE letter on ONE A4 paper and glued it all together.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

when the bee came out, they started chanting his name - "ah bee ah bee ah bee", like he was an idol or something, and askin for his autograph and i think val was hollering "wo men yong yuan zhi chi ni" which means "we will always support you" and is a typical cry you hear from young kids screamin at their idols.

and the bee's face was priceless. it was all so funny and yet so sweet. awwww.

then us friends decided to head to hups for a drink cos the bee said he really missed the place, so off we went, after i made a trip to popeye's to ta-pao chicken and biscuits for my mummy.

poor bran didn't really like brisbane all that much. which i really find extremely hard to understand cos i adore oz. but at least his purpose this trip was just to go see sue, which he did and that part of the holiday he enjoyed immensely. heh.

some highlights of the bee's trip (the bits that i remember in my brain-dead state) :

- seeing APU of KWIK-EE MART from the simpsons in real life

- gettin checked at the brisbane airport on the flight up, where they got him to empty out his bag (so poor thing. the bee's convinced its discrimination of some sort.)

- gettin checked at brisbane airport on the flight back, for explosives (maybe they thought he was a vietnamese gangsta? the bee looks pretty ah beng. hmm.)

- gettin "bullied" by the ozzies

- gettin "ka chiao-ed" by some oz guys in a car on the way back from the 7-11 (they were callin him TOM CRUISE. bwahahaha!)

- makin a trip into town only to find everythin closed cos it was easter

can't remember the rest of the stuff he said. was too tired. bleh.

its good to have you home, bro. i missed ya. :)

i'm vulgar. so shoot me.

Genius Fucker
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