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Thursday, March 17, 2005

wednesday night - ladies night - but where was my alcohol?!

last night i was out till almost 6am. and i wasnt even clubbin! meh. sittin at hups, drinkin my teh bing, bummin around.

at first there was many many - me, bran, scott, wayne, mike, trev, pete

then the tired ones went home - bran and scott

then the late one came - roy

then some went to play game at mike's - pete, trev, mike

and then there were just three little piggies - me, wayne, roy

i was suprisingly awake. attempted to stay awake and hang around long enough to eat breakfast before heading home and to the office.

but. halfway through the second half of the liverpool match, with 30min left to go - it was crash and burn.

i suddenly missed my bed too much to be apart from it any longer.

and, i still had to go to work - surviving the entire day on just 2hrs of sleep! and i actually managed to make it through a full day of busy-ness.

unlike wayne, who cheated, and took the day off from work. bleh.

and after work, i still had the strength to go walkin around toa payoh central. semi-shopping and searchin for dinner to appease my sufferin tummy.

phwoar. i power. i feel energised. somehow. strange.

hyperactive loco energiser bunny from outer space! muahahaha!

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