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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

think happy thoughts

wah. i'm still buzzin from the alcohol. amazin, really, what alcohol can do to me. i'm all happy happy cheerful and chirpy and laughing and stuff.

but i've been a naughty girl. hee.

my detox diet shite which i was supposed to start this week, has effectively been thrown out the window and smashed to smithereens. and my resolve to be less, erm, lackadaisical when it comes to work, has also been chucked into the garbage bin.

well, its just for today. i badly needed a break anyhow, after the past few days of extreme busy-ness and fights and tension in the office. batteries need to be recharged every now and then, y'know - especially humanoid ones. heh.

it started last night.

i was feelin horribly cranky and moody and shitty and i dragged wayne out with me to hups for beer, at 11.30pm. roy happened to pass by. so the 3 of us were just chillin out, talkin, psycho-analysing, discussin - until 4am.

maybe cos i haven't had alcohol the entire of last week, but the beer really hit the spot and made me feel oh so much better. i know its probably pretty much psychological, but hey, if it works and gets me relaxed - why the hell not? in moderation, of course.

so then i inadvertently woke up late today (and the only reason i woke up in the first place was cos my phone rang.)

met taufique for lunch in orchard until around 2ish. after which, i really didnt feel like goin back to the office, so i took the day off and parked myself at the cafe outside wisma to chill.

decided to have ONE beer, which somehow became TWO. people watchin is great in town cos you get all sorts - the gorgeous ones, the school kids, the aunties, the tourists, the couples, the cha-chats...

it felt so touristy, like i was on holiday! damn relaxin. one of the best feelins you can get in the world. i had my booze, my music, my ciggies, my shades...

all that was missin - a laptop and/or a good book.

was supposed to hang around town till 6pm and meet my mum for shoppin, but it got too hot and i was gettin tipsy (eh, drinkin in the afternoons really makes you buzz damn fast.) so i came home.

and then the cab ride back with the farnee driver. cracked me up, it did! tellin me my sunglasses were very nice, wantin to buy them from me, askin me to shave my head bald and wear big earrings and wear "sexy sexy" with the shades and walk down orchard road - "wah! sure become star man you! sure many people turn and look at you! power sia!"

haha. yes, uncle. but are they lookin at me cos i look good, or i look weird - that is the question we should ask!

and askin me to join the miss singapore universe..

"how to join, uncle?! i liddat cannot lah!"
"why cannot?! sure can one! i see the girls on tv, all cannot make it man! all not nice one! you go, sure can! sure better than them!"

bwahahaha! well, if you say so, uncle. heh.

but now, i feel rejuvenated. in a wonderful mood. ready to face whatever tomorrow decides to throw at me.

before ya know it, the weekend's here. and its gonna be a LONG one. woot! and the clubbin shall go on. heh.

takin a day off to recharge and just chill out is absolutely bestest of the best. yay!

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