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Thursday, March 17, 2005

no, i am NOT malay

i wonder - was wednesday the official "interrogate-eileen-about-her-race-and-piss-her-off" day?

i swear, if one more person comes up to me and assumes or asks if i'm malay, i am gonna snap and hammer the bugger!

everyone is askin me! it seems that everywhere i turn there's someone waiting to leap outta the shadows and pounce on me and interrogate me on my racial background!

what is up, man!

i'm not bein racist, by the way. it just irritates me to be kept askin the same question over and over!

i got it from the taxi driver.
"miss, are you malay? you speak malay? i am malay!"

(er, yes, ok uncle. you malay. i not malay. so what you want me to do about it?!)

i got it from the guy in the next door office.
"hey, how come you can speak chinese?! i thought you were malay or something."

(na. beh. next time dunno ASK lah. jumpin to your own silly conclusions.. tsk.)

i got it from the auntie sellin newspapers - she was speakin in malay to me and when i answered her in chinese, she looked like she was about to fall off the chair.

"wah, xiao mei, ni shi hua ren ah? bu xiang leh! xiang ma lai ren. ni hua yu hen hao hor."

which means "wah, little sister, you're chinese ah? dont look like leh! look like malay. your chinese very good hor."

(yes thank you auntie. now please just gimme me magazine so i can move away from your table under the blazin sun. hot lah, dei!)

i got it from the schoolgirls on their flag day.

"excuse me, would you like to donate?"

as i am diggin for coins, she suddenly bursts out "are you malay?"

huh. so i smile politely and say no.

"oh, ok. *giggle giggle* you looked abit malay. *giggle giggle* your eyes very nice. *giggle giggle* thanks for donating! bye! *giggle giggle*"

(... meh. at least she said i had nice eyes. but the giggling! my god! spawn of joker, i tell you!)

i got it from the guy collectin donations for ex-convicts at $10 and in return you get a token of appreciation which was a small calculator and pen set that looked like, accordin to someone i cant remember who, a vibrator.

this guy just comes up to me and starts blabberin away in malay while i sit and stare at him.

after awhile and gettin no response from me, he finally thinks to ask "oh, sorry, you're not malay? i thought you were! sorry sorry."

then he starts the entire speech again. in english. sigh.

(i donated the $10 though. i almost always do. i'm a sucker for these help-the-needy shite. easy prey, i think i'm called. huh.)


if you ask me if i'm indian, i can say YES - cos i'm 1/4 indian.
if you ask me if i'm eurasian, i can say YES - cos i'm 1/4 eurasian.
if you ask me if i'm peranakan, i can say YES - cos i'm 1/4 (erm, more like 1/8.) peranakan.
if you ask me if i'm chinese, i can say YES - cos i'm 3/8 chinese.

but if you ask me if i'm MALAY, i say NO - becos that is the one blood outta the 4 major singaporean racial groups i DO NOT have!

i have no idea why this entire issue pisses me off so much. maybe its just cos i am so damned irritated by so many people askin me the same bloody question in one day!


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