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Saturday, March 26, 2005

mtv's whatever things rocks my ding dongs!

seriously. this show is some amazin freaky farnee awesome shite! and of course, edison chen is so hot i would throw myself on him in an instant and be his ever faithful lovin slave without a doubt.

this episode was hilarious. and edison looked gor-gee-us!! even in the segment where he had to wear the crazy messy long haired wig and the so-geeky-its-almost-cool specs. the boy is perfection personified, man.

segment 1 : the ma-la hot pot eatin competition. punishment for droppin out - gettin ur tongue zapped with that electric fly swatter thingy.

segment 2 : toilet head - the guys piss into the bowl till its all digustin and foamy and puke inducin just lookin at it, then one guy dunks his head in and sorta just absorbs all this piss with his hair. its freakin funny in a gross way.

segment 3 : the electric shock pen - they zap themselves and go around gettin unsuspectin people on the street to unknowingly (and in some cases, knowingly! one guy even took off his shirt and willingly had his nipples zapped. heh.) give themselves an electric buzz. the reactions are definitely laugh-out-loud hilarious.

segment 4 : vaness wu gets punked.

segment 5 : a bunch of guys and girls lock themselves in a freezer, where the temperature is supposed to be at -18 degrees but they just let it get colder and colder. and they get water thrown at them in the freezer. towards the end, when there are only 2 of them left, one guy kinda passes out so they bring him out - and when he comes out, they dump water with ice cubes on him. eeevvviiiillll!!! so sadistic and assinine its funny.

which reminds me. we really should get the hups gang together and do one of these jackass home videos sorta shite. i know we were plannin to - at least, the bee wanted to. heh.

it would be so awesome! i can just imagine all of us doin crazy shite. hell, we do it all the time already! why not just take it one step further and get it on video for posterity!

rock my ding dongs, man. totally.

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