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Thursday, March 10, 2005

liverpool rocks my socks


leverkusen 1 - 3 liverpool

liverpool win 6 - 2 on aggregate.

which is totally fantastic.

and what a fantastic game! except for the bloody referee and completely blind linesman that didnt award baros a penalty during the early minutes. grumble.

garcia was wonderful. dudek was fantastic. baros was superb. EVERYONE was TERRIFIC!

i actually woke up at 6am just to catch the match. and i was jumping up and down and screaming and shouting and running around the house celebrating the goals and frightening the people in my house as they were just waking up.

my dad actually burst into my room shouting "what, what!" in panic in response to one of my screams of joy.


but it was so exhausting. i felt so so so tired from all the excitement and vigorous actions after the match. but at least i think i satisfied my daily exercise requirements. ha!

and juventus dumped real madrid outta the champions league. yay, juve!

glorious day. its a good day to be alive. heh.

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