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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

how many chin ups can you do?

my daddy installed an exercise bar in my toilet doorway this evening, for my brother's use in his everlasting pursuit of a bigger body.

i read the packaging and the bar is supposed to be a chin up bar. so i decided to try it, just for laughs. eh, i used to be able to do the inclined flex arm hang in secondary school for almost a minute, ok?! and yes, that was a very very good timing. it was gold standard for the fitness tests, hor.

so, i am proud to say, that i am the supreme achiever of ONE CHIN UP.

and that, my dear friends, was actually not a full on chin up / pull up. considering that i jumped up, grabbed the bar around shoulder level and hoisted my chin a mere 1 inch over the bar.

and then i crashed to the floor from the enormous strain on my arms.


i really need to start working out and keeping fit and exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. i shall get off my fat butt and start swimming / jogging / hitting the gym.

this time i'm serious! i shall tone up my flabby body and look like a goddess. (if only because of a silly reason, but its reason nonetheless. hee.)

NOTE : and because i'm feeling so pathetic about my unhealthiness and my hopeless inability to do pull ups, i am now attempting to console myself by gorging on a tub of swensen's sinfully yummy disgustingly fattening STICKY CHEWY CHOCOLATE ice cream. this stuff rocks! slurp!


oh my goodness!! look at this!

someone killed my wall!!

i didnt notice it just now when i first saw the exercise bar, but i just popped into the toilet and this enormous hole in the bathroom doorway was gaping at me!

what the hell happened?! i can only conclude that a very unfortunate accident occurred whilst my daddy was drilling the holes and installing the exercise bar. or maybe my brother is just too strong for these hdb flat walls and he ended up semi demolishing the wall while doing his pull ups. tsk.

my house is falling apart. sigh.

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