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Thursday, March 31, 2005

good thing? bad thing?

my god.

i have NEVER been picked up so many times in one night (within a space of 3 hrs, to be precise.) ever before in my entire life!

it was so weird.

it seriously seemed like everywhere i turned, even when i stuck myself in a corner tryin to be inconspicuous, there were people hittin on me, tryin to dance with me, offerin me drinks, askin for my number, comin up to talk to me, blah blah.

oh, its very flatterin, definitely. but honestly, it got pretty irritatin after awhile. i just wanted to chill out and do my own thing but i couldnt cos they wouldnt leave me alone! sigh.


oh well, i guess i should really look at this in a positive light. at least people bother to try to pick me up. which i shall take as a compliment. so i shall not be ungrateful and just be appreciative that i still got it in me. yesh.

unless, of course, you look at things from wayne's point of view - which subscribes to the view that I AM A PSYCHO / WEIRDO / CRAYZEE / BASTARD / etc MAGNET.

which i think i really am. in a way. meh.



p/s : i'm not tryin to brag about this or anythin, just so u know. i'm just very amazed and amused by it. and thats why i'm bloggin 'bout it. so if u think i'm tryin to be "hao lian" and am wavin this in ur face, u're dead wrong. cos i ain't. but if u insist on thinkin that way, then please just bugger off. thank u for ur co-operation.

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