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Saturday, March 05, 2005

fresh from the mind of a U-NEEK individual

i've got an amazing crick in my neck that just refuses to go away.

it's on the left side and sometimes its so bad that i cant even turn my head an inch without wincing.

na beh.


what kind of a slogan is "word of mouth, we aim for!"?!

and it was on the truck of a moving company somemore.

how is that in any bloody way relevant?! and the grammar is stupendously horrigible. i'm so amazed.


it has been proven beyond doubt that i go loco in the mornings when i stay up the entire night previously playing number ball.

i am actually capable of sitting there laughing uncontrollably to myself. for what reason i have no idea except that i am so damn easily amused.

sometimes just by the fact that i am laughing uncontrollably for nothing and then it seems so silly to me that i start laughing even harder and i cant stop.

yesh. i go absolutely LOCO.


how can anyone not find this funny?!

Q : what do you call a fake subaru WRX?
A : bluff-u-R-X.

Q : what do you call a fake mitsublishi evolution?
A : evo-loser.

i find it completely hilarious!

and for the record, i didnt make this one up. the credit should go to an old friend who told it to me over cigarettes early one morning around 2am.

and its really damn funny, lah!


i suddenly have cravings for pineapples.

very inexplainable and completely out-of-nowhere.


i need to find out the name of that song in that heineken television advert.

the one that goes "bom diggy bom de bom diggy diggy ... something something something" and the people in the ad start moving uncontrollably.

that song is so damn cool.

the last time i heard it was at rouge when andrew and josh were spinning.

i think trev told me the name of the group that did the song, but for the life of me now, i simply cannot remember!

pek chek.


i'm hungry.

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