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Saturday, March 26, 2005


the long weekend's been a blast so far. gonna get more hectic as it winds down. many many photos too.

but more on that later - shall save bloggin about it for back to the office on monday. at least it'll give me somethin to do to ward of those disgustin back-to-work-after-long-holiday-cum-monday blues. bleh.


the best friend FINALLY decided to message me to let me know he's safe and sound in the land of oz - after 2 days! well, at least now i know he didn't get lost or kidnapped or deported or beat up by the ozzies. heh.

"Hello, Brandon here. Forgot to inform you tat I've touched down safely. So here goes... "I've touched down safely"

me best friend is a kook. but he still THE MAN. heh.


havent seen the hups gang since... tuesday night? and no playin of number ball this weekend! (yet? haha.)

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