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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

basement car park wanderings

the other day in the office, i was feelin so irritated with my idiot boss and freezin from the artic-like aircon so i decided to go for a walk. in the basement car park of my building.

i was just wanderin around, smokin my ciggies, when i chanced upon this :

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by

a DAIMLER! call me suaku, but i dont think i've ever seen one of these before in singapore.

and it looks so.. vintage. so retro, so european aristocrat. even the interior was different from modern cars - it had cream leather seats and the works. damn stylo.

note the twin exhaust pipes, as circled in the last photo. phwoar!

and the license plate was not the usual ones you see - it was "letter-letter-number-number-number-number" (cannot put the actual license plate number here. wait kena sued or something. jia lak.)

i really wonder who drives it. i kinda pictured an upper class old dude. or an ang moh. but maybe it was a lady, an english tai-tai. or perhaps even a dashing young man with a love for old fashioned goodness.

but the car! my goodness. maybe it's just one of those things you gotta see in person lah. dont think the pictures i took fully give justice to the beauty of the vehicle (silly grainy handphone camera. bah.) it really gleamed and shone and sparkled - even in the dark concrete basement car park!

it was gorgeous.

on continuin my walk (after gawking at the daimler a good 10min or so.) i spotted one of my favourite-est cars :

Image hosted by Image hosted by
AUDI TT COUPE! *drool* i want me one of these!!

and i saw so many jaguars! madness. there was one in practically every row of cars. the big ones, the small ones, the old ones, the new ones. wah.

of course, there were the usual range - the nissans, the toyotas, the mitsubishis, the subarus, the hondas, the hyundais, quite a number of bmws, a coupla lexuses, scatterings of others and a few vans.

it was pretty interestin, actually. just walkin around, checkin out the cars, droolin at the nice ones, wonderin what the drivers of each car might be like..

i should go walk around the car park more often. ya never know, i might meet a hot guy with a great personality and a "powder-ful" car one day! ha!

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