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Saturday, February 19, 2005

waiting for my night to start - liquidroom here i come!

my goodness. my phone has been ringing incessantly non-stop all evening! whats up with that?!

although i really shouldnt complain. should i? its a good thing, right? at least it shows i have a life and i have friends.

aiyoh. really. so hard to satisfy, this woman! got calls, complain. no calls, complain. tsk.

right then. i shall not complain, and just bask in the glory and enjoy the very suprising sudden peak in phone activity.



and in support of WAYNE, who is stuck in the mosh-pit-like press area along jam-packed orchard road covering the CHINGAY PARADE (right in front of where the VIPs and President Nathan are sitting too. wah! such proximity to important peoples. heh.) ...

i am watching the CHINGAY PARADE on television.

to provide moral support for the poor boy as he is being crushed by hordes of smelly sweaty peeps and being deafened by the roar and blinded by the garish costumes and flashing lights.

so, dont say i not sister ah! i supporting you ah!


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