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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


my bloody office is so bloody goddamned freezing cold that i am unable to do anything!

i'm wearing 2 blooming jackets and am contemplating finding something to wrap my feet and hands in before they develop frostbite and drop off my body.

i have been sitting on my hands, curling myself up into a ball, drunk scalding hot water, run to the sanctuary of the slightly warmer handicapped toilet - everything just to try and keep warm!

nothing bloody works!

i cant concentrate on work because i start shivering uncontrollably when i take my hands out from under my arse (where they are being kept warm.)

this unbearable cold is giving me a headache.

i'm taking doubly long to type this because after every line or so i have to tuck my hands back under my warm butt for abit to warm them up so that i regain some feeling in them.

this is torture.

i detest cold.

and dont tell me to switch off the air conditioning because i already tried and nearly got strangled by these extremely cold blooded creatures in the office that are happily basking in cool drafts of air while i am turning into a frozen human popsicle.

i had to turn it on again.

all this trouble because the stupid main aircon, which is located in the centre of the office and is far far away from me, is broken. bah.

so they have taken to using the aircon unit directly on top of me (which i always keep switched off. its cold enough with the main one.)

and they turn it to freaking 17 degrees celsius!!

nah beh.

i cant take this anymore. i'm going home. screw work. screw the office. screw whatever whoever whichever!


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