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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i was out every day last week

this is what happens when i try to keep myself busy and occupied so that my silly pea-brain wont think of things that i really shouldnt be thinking about because they drive me insane and make me depressed and cause my eyes to hurt and look like miniature puffy slits and make me feel like taking a plastic fork and stabbing myself to death with it.


MONDAY : due to unforeseen unfortunate circumstances and blah blah blah, i dragged jon and wayne out to hups to drink (alcohol!) with me. then brandon came down, and jon went home (because he had to go to school and torture teach small boys the next morning.)

and me, bran and wayne headed to chomps where we proceeded to devour eat 1 plate of fried oyster, 4 plates of la-la, and 1 plate of cockles.

scary. and the chilli gravy in the la-la kept getting spicier and spicier with every plate we ordered. i think the people at the stall were scared shocked at our capacity and purposely make hotter so we will not order anymore and then maybe they can go home. heh.

TUESDAY : travelled all the way to east coast (of course by cab lah! by bus? you seow ah!) with sue to book the chalet for the her going-away party at the weekend.

then we took a cab (i'm lazy. a 15min walk may kill me.) down to the macdonalds for dinner and chilling.

oh, and we managed to go shopping at east coast beach. at one of those pushcart things. shopoholics unite! ahahaha!

WEDNESDAY : visited the chinese new year night market at chinatown with sue and huilam. it wasnt as crowded this year, compared to last year. i think.

i picked up a red top for chinese new year, a few other clothes, and a bag for myself, and some foodstuff and chocolates for my parents. sue got this gorgeous red cheongsam top (i wanted to buy the blue one but huilam didnt let me. which is a good thing. i'm a hopeless shopoholic!)

when SUE saw the bubble tea "shaker" doll/girl at the pasar malam, she remarked : "the poor girl! they're making her work! she's overworked and underpaid!"

hmm. bubble tea employs slave labour?! oh dear.

at right is the receipt that shocked me. from the very (famous?) expensive FROG LEG PORRIDGE at one of the street corners along chinatown.

$16 for 2 servings of porridge is quite shocking! to me, at least. i'm quite cheapo. heh.

but the porridge was quite nice (i dont eat frog legs so if you wanna know if its good, check with sue or huilam.) and the servings were kinda big so all in all quite worth it.

THURSDAY : met wayne, roy, mel and mike at hups for awhile. then i adjourned to grapevine across the road to hang out with bran, sue, trev, raymond, tavis, his sister valerie and sister's boyfriend danny.

food, drinks, conversation, laughs. nice.

FRIDAY : i decided to do "some" spring cleaning for the new year by clearing out my shoes.

these are the ones i threw out. some of them i hope to sell (so i can earn some money to buy new shoes! heh.) and the rest that were broken beyond repair i threw away. a few that were still in reasonable condition i gave away.

and this is what i have left. note the small portion on the bottom left. that's my sister's collection. the rest of it is MINE.

wah. still quite alot leh! my goodness. i think i'm going to become like imelda marcos with her shoe fetish. tsk.

i wanted to pack my clothes, but i was too damn lazy tired. eh, spring cleaning is very strenuous, ok. even if its just my shoes. heh.

to reward myself for such a very extremely hard and tiring job done, i popped down to ice cold beer at emerald hill to join jon and steph for a round of beer, laughs and interesting conversation.


P/S : in the aftermath of the chalet on saturday and sunday, I ACHE ALL BLOODY OVER. i seriously think that during those 2 days, i exercised and saw the sun more than i have in the entire month of january. wah lau. can die.

and despite slathering myself with sunblock lotion, i still tanned. i have a backside-bikini-tanline. and my face is red. sigh.

but it was damn good fun. all of it. :)

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