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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i dont like "hope" very much anymore

HOPE (n.)
1. A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment.
2. Something that is hoped for or desired: Success is our hope.
3. One that is a source of or reason for hope: the team's only hope for victory.
4. Archaic. Trust; confidence.

you know how people always like to say stuff like "there's always hope" and so on?

well. i guess that's supposed to be a comforting thing. right? like, when there's hope there's light at the end of the tunnel or something like that.

but is hope really all it's cracked up to be?

how about when you hope and hope and hope and then at the end of the day, it all comes crashing down?

hope raises your expectations. hope gives you false security. hope gives you deluded happiness. hope can be so cruel.

  • having false hope is better than having no hope at all?

  • having false hope is worse than having no hope at all?

  • having false hope is the same as having no hope at all?

which one is true? one of them? all of them? none of them?

      Means: To hope with little reason or justification.

      you know, there's a reason an idiom such as this exists.

      He that lives upon hope will die fasting. ~ Benjamin Franklin

      Hope and fear are inseparable. ~ La Rochefoucauld

      Hope— it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. ~ The Architect The Matrix Reloaded

      or should we all just live by this, no matter how difficult or painful or tiring or hopeless..

      We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. ~ Martin Luther King

      and then, of course, there's MEMORIES.

      are they sweet? or sour? are they joyful? or tearful? are they happy and sustaining? or painful and draining?

      i dont know. i dont have the answer.

      but i really wish i did.

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