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Monday, February 28, 2005

a funny day

last friday, which was the 25th of february, was a rather peculiar day. amusing. on the whole.

i received a call around noon from taufique, and we planned to meet up for coffee blah blah.

so, during lunchtime, i decided to travel all the way from the office back home, to bathe and change. and then head back to the office to finish up my work while waiting for him to come pick me up.

very impulsive of me, now that i think of it. i spent $14 going back and forth. just to bathe and change. but it was hot. i was wearing ratty clothes. i needed to freshen up.

sigh. women. sigh.


as i was leaving the office (in my ratty clothes and looking like something even the cat wouldnt wanna drag in.) i bumped into my office neighbour.

this is the guy that i've seen around occasionally, bumped into several times, smiled at perfunctorily as way of greeting, made the obligatory small talk with over the past few weeks/months, and who shocked me once by talking to me in the lift one morning while i was stoning away and still half asleep.

and i've never known his name. but he's always nice to me when he sees me.

so, i bumped into him, and made small talk in the lift on the way to the ground floor. got out of the lift, i turned to leave. he comes up, introduces himself and asks my name. i tell him. then he insists on walking me out to grab a cab home.

huh. after trying to tell him he should just go eat his lunch and leave me be, and failing to drive that point across, i gave up and figured that it would just be easier and faster to let him walk with me to the road.

funny person. oh well.

and then i had to spend an excruciating time attempting to give directions to the very lost taufique on how to get to my office. i repeated myself so many times!


but the most amusing thing that happened the entire day, was this :

as i was walking to meet taufique at the bus stop outside my office, this white ah beng subaru wrx (complete with roaring engine, body kit and many many decorative stickers) pulls up beside me. the window rolls down, and this guy inside starts calling out to me "hi! do you need a ride?"

i decided the best thing to do was to ignore the goon and just continue walking.

so i cross the road and wait at the bus stop.

then. the goon makes an illegal u-turn, pulls up besides the bus stop, and sits there staring at me.

i pretend not to notice and pull out my phone to make a call.

the goon proceeds to get out of the car, walk over to me, and he goes "hi, can i get to know you as a friend?"

how shocking! i was quite stunned. and i wanted to hammer the bugger.

but, thankfully, taufique pulls up just in time, and i literally jump into his car to escape the mad subaru wrx goon.


anyway, we ended up drinking coffee at siglap and talking an immense amount of rubbish.

when i got home, i was so exhausted that i fell into a deep deep sleep after dinner and missed a number of phone calls, a bumming session at hups, and drinking at ice cold beer with jon and steph, until finally getting woken up at 1am.

i think it was all the excitement from the day. you think?

what a very strange day.

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