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Monday, February 28, 2005

chelsea 3 - 2 liverpool

how utterly depressing. i'm in mourning. sob.

but it was a good match to watch, anyways.

me and roy actually made the sign of the cross and started praying in the middle of the coffeeshop midway through extra time.

not much help i guess. sigh.

how unlucky can you get - an own goal by anfield's beloved son and captain of the team, steven gerrard, giving chelsea their lifeline by bringing the game into extra time.

poor stevie g must be devastated.

if only we could have held out till penalties. but then, maybe thats not such a good idea. besides, too heart-attack-inducing.

if only it werent for the own goal. i guess shit really does happen sometimes. sigh.

oh well. thats the end of that. now i'd better start praying in advance for this weekend's premier league match against newcastle as well as next week's champions league clash against leverkusen.

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