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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ashes to ashes.
dust to dust.

over and over again.
the story repeats itself.

happen once, shame on you.
happen twice, shame on me.
happen three times, shame on the fool.

winter time, hibernate.
peace, quiet, sleep.
turmoil, pain, awake.

its always easier not to think.
to sleep.
when you have alcohol in you.

escape is escape.
one day, one hour, one minute.

turn around, walk away.
escapism is under rated.

reality bites.
truth hurts.
dreams end.

deal with it.


you got what you wanted.
dont ask for too much.

feeling guilty doesnt matter.
nothing changes.

why you feel the way you feel.
ask yourself.
or your conscience.

if you still have one.

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