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Monday, February 28, 2005

a funny day

last friday, which was the 25th of february, was a rather peculiar day. amusing. on the whole.

i received a call around noon from taufique, and we planned to meet up for coffee blah blah.

so, during lunchtime, i decided to travel all the way from the office back home, to bathe and change. and then head back to the office to finish up my work while waiting for him to come pick me up.

very impulsive of me, now that i think of it. i spent $14 going back and forth. just to bathe and change. but it was hot. i was wearing ratty clothes. i needed to freshen up.

sigh. women. sigh.


as i was leaving the office (in my ratty clothes and looking like something even the cat wouldnt wanna drag in.) i bumped into my office neighbour.

this is the guy that i've seen around occasionally, bumped into several times, smiled at perfunctorily as way of greeting, made the obligatory small talk with over the past few weeks/months, and who shocked me once by talking to me in the lift one morning while i was stoning away and still half asleep.

and i've never known his name. but he's always nice to me when he sees me.

so, i bumped into him, and made small talk in the lift on the way to the ground floor. got out of the lift, i turned to leave. he comes up, introduces himself and asks my name. i tell him. then he insists on walking me out to grab a cab home.

huh. after trying to tell him he should just go eat his lunch and leave me be, and failing to drive that point across, i gave up and figured that it would just be easier and faster to let him walk with me to the road.

funny person. oh well.

and then i had to spend an excruciating time attempting to give directions to the very lost taufique on how to get to my office. i repeated myself so many times!


but the most amusing thing that happened the entire day, was this :

as i was walking to meet taufique at the bus stop outside my office, this white ah beng subaru wrx (complete with roaring engine, body kit and many many decorative stickers) pulls up beside me. the window rolls down, and this guy inside starts calling out to me "hi! do you need a ride?"

i decided the best thing to do was to ignore the goon and just continue walking.

so i cross the road and wait at the bus stop.

then. the goon makes an illegal u-turn, pulls up besides the bus stop, and sits there staring at me.

i pretend not to notice and pull out my phone to make a call.

the goon proceeds to get out of the car, walk over to me, and he goes "hi, can i get to know you as a friend?"

how shocking! i was quite stunned. and i wanted to hammer the bugger.

but, thankfully, taufique pulls up just in time, and i literally jump into his car to escape the mad subaru wrx goon.


anyway, we ended up drinking coffee at siglap and talking an immense amount of rubbish.

when i got home, i was so exhausted that i fell into a deep deep sleep after dinner and missed a number of phone calls, a bumming session at hups, and drinking at ice cold beer with jon and steph, until finally getting woken up at 1am.

i think it was all the excitement from the day. you think?

what a very strange day.

chelsea 3 - 2 liverpool

how utterly depressing. i'm in mourning. sob.

but it was a good match to watch, anyways.

me and roy actually made the sign of the cross and started praying in the middle of the coffeeshop midway through extra time.

not much help i guess. sigh.

how unlucky can you get - an own goal by anfield's beloved son and captain of the team, steven gerrard, giving chelsea their lifeline by bringing the game into extra time.

poor stevie g must be devastated.

if only we could have held out till penalties. but then, maybe thats not such a good idea. besides, too heart-attack-inducing.

if only it werent for the own goal. i guess shit really does happen sometimes. sigh.

oh well. thats the end of that. now i'd better start praying in advance for this weekend's premier league match against newcastle as well as next week's champions league clash against leverkusen.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

happy birthday, nigel ong king kong!

hahaha. you owe me one night of drunken-ness and silli-ness!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


my bloody office is so bloody goddamned freezing cold that i am unable to do anything!

i'm wearing 2 blooming jackets and am contemplating finding something to wrap my feet and hands in before they develop frostbite and drop off my body.

i have been sitting on my hands, curling myself up into a ball, drunk scalding hot water, run to the sanctuary of the slightly warmer handicapped toilet - everything just to try and keep warm!

nothing bloody works!

i cant concentrate on work because i start shivering uncontrollably when i take my hands out from under my arse (where they are being kept warm.)

this unbearable cold is giving me a headache.

i'm taking doubly long to type this because after every line or so i have to tuck my hands back under my warm butt for abit to warm them up so that i regain some feeling in them.

this is torture.

i detest cold.

and dont tell me to switch off the air conditioning because i already tried and nearly got strangled by these extremely cold blooded creatures in the office that are happily basking in cool drafts of air while i am turning into a frozen human popsicle.

i had to turn it on again.

all this trouble because the stupid main aircon, which is located in the centre of the office and is far far away from me, is broken. bah.

so they have taken to using the aircon unit directly on top of me (which i always keep switched off. its cold enough with the main one.)

and they turn it to freaking 17 degrees celsius!!

nah beh.

i cant take this anymore. i'm going home. screw work. screw the office. screw whatever whoever whichever!


Monday, February 21, 2005

saturday night

siam supper club. liquid room. attica too. newton.

meeting old friends. meeting new friends.

silly twits singing their school song for free booze. cute chicks dancing on the bar top and half mooning people.

dancing. talking cock. drinking.

being reminded of dumb things that happened in secondary school days that have long been forgotten. no idea how people remember such things from eons ago.

vodka shots. triple dosage vodka 7up. sour apple 7up. vodka orange. vodka redbull. vodka ribena. bourbon coke. shit that i have no idea what it was but got shoved in my face so i drank it. beer.

getting home at 7am.

had a blast. and it wasn't just cos of the alcohol, too. how wonderful ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2005

waiting for my night to start - liquidroom here i come!

my goodness. my phone has been ringing incessantly non-stop all evening! whats up with that?!

although i really shouldnt complain. should i? its a good thing, right? at least it shows i have a life and i have friends.

aiyoh. really. so hard to satisfy, this woman! got calls, complain. no calls, complain. tsk.

right then. i shall not complain, and just bask in the glory and enjoy the very suprising sudden peak in phone activity.



and in support of WAYNE, who is stuck in the mosh-pit-like press area along jam-packed orchard road covering the CHINGAY PARADE (right in front of where the VIPs and President Nathan are sitting too. wah! such proximity to important peoples. heh.) ...

i am watching the CHINGAY PARADE on television.

to provide moral support for the poor boy as he is being crushed by hordes of smelly sweaty peeps and being deafened by the roar and blinded by the garish costumes and flashing lights.

so, dont say i not sister ah! i supporting you ah!


for all oppressed peoples out there

and especially for WAYNE, who has much need of it. as well as anyone else that would like to beat the crap outta anyone else. heh.

i humbly present to youse all : ONLINE VOODOO

play nice, you all.

Friday, February 18, 2005

it all started ...

... with a soreness around the roof of my mouth, near the back where it connects to the throat that made swallowing really painful (i know there are proper medical terminations and names for all that, but i am too blooming bloody brain dead to go check them all out, so you will just have to make do with my extremely unscientific ramblings. hmph.)

and then there were the puking spells. the disgusting feeling in the pit of my stomach that made me wanna gag and spew all over the place. (which, thankfully, i managed to keep under control while i was under public scrutiny.)

next came the harbinger of doom - the slight cold that was more of a nuisance than a deathly illness.

i should have known. should have read the signs. maybe then, i would have been more prepared for the horror and suffering that was heralded.

waking up one morning with a full blown flu in vicious all-out attack mode is NOT fun.

my nose is like a leaky tap that just wont stop dripping. i have been reduced to walking around with tissue paper stuffed up my nostrils to contain the disgusting flow.

my throat and lungs are clogged to the brim with icky phlegm (i shall spare you all by not revealing the consistency and coloring of it all. heh.) everytime i cough, i feel like my chest is on fire and about to burst apart from the severe hacking required in order to dislodge the phlegm.

my head seems like its on the verge of exploding.

my entire body aches like hell. i cant move. i have no strength. i drag myself to my sofa and collapse.

my skin feels like its burning hot, especially where it touches the sofa or my bed.


i am SICK. sick sick sick sick SICK.




Tuesday, February 15, 2005

bon voyage, SIL

sunday night, a bunch of us gathered at changi airport's terminal 2 to bid farewell (for now.) to sue, who left our sunny isle for further studies in australia's university of queensland.

the photo montage BRANDON made for SUE that made her cry. isnt it nice? aww, sho shweet.. *sniff*

the entourage - steph, wayne, scott, brandon, sue, ivan, huilam, jon, and camerawoman, me.

i just had to include this photo. i call it :


so fierce! so "gu wah zai"!



study hard in oz, be good, take good care of yourself, email us, have fun, enjoy the freedom (heh.)

and most importantly - remember to find me a tall, bronzed, godlike, rich, drop dead gorgeous, hunkalicious surfer dude to accompany me when we go up to visit!! bwahahaha!


sigh. everyone's leaving. so sad. sigh.


photos from the sending off are online. click HERE please thank you.

Monday, February 14, 2005

a valentine's day tribute

how's this for a loving, sentimental, heartfelt valentine's day card?

damn, they really should start printing cards like these. i'd buy them by the truckload. heh. *evil grin*

hmm. i know a person that could really use an invention like this. -->

and i can definitely think of a few people that could get really good mileage outta this license plate. myself included. i want me one of these!

yes. i'm in an evil mood today. a severe MEN-BASHING mood, if you will. some of you will know the reason. some of you wont. and some of you dont bother either way.

but i think i can safely say that my MEN-BASHING (or rather, CERTAIN-DICKHEAD(s)-OF-THE-MALE-POPULATION-BASHING) is justified.

so there. i hate you.

oh, and by the way - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

now excuse me while i return to my quest to locate that bloody arrow-twanging sadistic bugger, CUPID, and his scores of evil minions, those flower-toting soft-toy-hugging lovey-dovey mushy-gushy nincompoop couples, and STONE THEM ALL TO DEATH. bah.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

last weekend was :

  • swimming
  • the 15min walk that nearly killed me
  • dinner at komalas (slurp.)
  • drinking
  • blackjack with liquor
  • silly drinking games
  • back breaking, muscle bending, silly hilarious games of twister
  • gambling
  • retarded pool

photos from SUE'S GOING AWAY CHALET at east coast last weekend are online. enjoy!


Gong Xi Fa Cai and all that jazz. I'm off to collect my ang pows now. YAY!

i was out every day last week

this is what happens when i try to keep myself busy and occupied so that my silly pea-brain wont think of things that i really shouldnt be thinking about because they drive me insane and make me depressed and cause my eyes to hurt and look like miniature puffy slits and make me feel like taking a plastic fork and stabbing myself to death with it.


MONDAY : due to unforeseen unfortunate circumstances and blah blah blah, i dragged jon and wayne out to hups to drink (alcohol!) with me. then brandon came down, and jon went home (because he had to go to school and torture teach small boys the next morning.)

and me, bran and wayne headed to chomps where we proceeded to devour eat 1 plate of fried oyster, 4 plates of la-la, and 1 plate of cockles.

scary. and the chilli gravy in the la-la kept getting spicier and spicier with every plate we ordered. i think the people at the stall were scared shocked at our capacity and purposely make hotter so we will not order anymore and then maybe they can go home. heh.

TUESDAY : travelled all the way to east coast (of course by cab lah! by bus? you seow ah!) with sue to book the chalet for the her going-away party at the weekend.

then we took a cab (i'm lazy. a 15min walk may kill me.) down to the macdonalds for dinner and chilling.

oh, and we managed to go shopping at east coast beach. at one of those pushcart things. shopoholics unite! ahahaha!

WEDNESDAY : visited the chinese new year night market at chinatown with sue and huilam. it wasnt as crowded this year, compared to last year. i think.

i picked up a red top for chinese new year, a few other clothes, and a bag for myself, and some foodstuff and chocolates for my parents. sue got this gorgeous red cheongsam top (i wanted to buy the blue one but huilam didnt let me. which is a good thing. i'm a hopeless shopoholic!)

when SUE saw the bubble tea "shaker" doll/girl at the pasar malam, she remarked : "the poor girl! they're making her work! she's overworked and underpaid!"

hmm. bubble tea employs slave labour?! oh dear.

at right is the receipt that shocked me. from the very (famous?) expensive FROG LEG PORRIDGE at one of the street corners along chinatown.

$16 for 2 servings of porridge is quite shocking! to me, at least. i'm quite cheapo. heh.

but the porridge was quite nice (i dont eat frog legs so if you wanna know if its good, check with sue or huilam.) and the servings were kinda big so all in all quite worth it.

THURSDAY : met wayne, roy, mel and mike at hups for awhile. then i adjourned to grapevine across the road to hang out with bran, sue, trev, raymond, tavis, his sister valerie and sister's boyfriend danny.

food, drinks, conversation, laughs. nice.

FRIDAY : i decided to do "some" spring cleaning for the new year by clearing out my shoes.

these are the ones i threw out. some of them i hope to sell (so i can earn some money to buy new shoes! heh.) and the rest that were broken beyond repair i threw away. a few that were still in reasonable condition i gave away.

and this is what i have left. note the small portion on the bottom left. that's my sister's collection. the rest of it is MINE.

wah. still quite alot leh! my goodness. i think i'm going to become like imelda marcos with her shoe fetish. tsk.

i wanted to pack my clothes, but i was too damn lazy tired. eh, spring cleaning is very strenuous, ok. even if its just my shoes. heh.

to reward myself for such a very extremely hard and tiring job done, i popped down to ice cold beer at emerald hill to join jon and steph for a round of beer, laughs and interesting conversation.


P/S : in the aftermath of the chalet on saturday and sunday, I ACHE ALL BLOODY OVER. i seriously think that during those 2 days, i exercised and saw the sun more than i have in the entire month of january. wah lau. can die.

and despite slathering myself with sunblock lotion, i still tanned. i have a backside-bikini-tanline. and my face is red. sigh.

but it was damn good fun. all of it. :)

Friday, February 04, 2005

they got this one right smack on the dot!

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Being married to a rich man.

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i'm not dying young after all

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take the TEST and find out when you're gonna die. (how morbid..)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i dont like "hope" very much anymore

HOPE (n.)
1. A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment.
2. Something that is hoped for or desired: Success is our hope.
3. One that is a source of or reason for hope: the team's only hope for victory.
4. Archaic. Trust; confidence.

you know how people always like to say stuff like "there's always hope" and so on?

well. i guess that's supposed to be a comforting thing. right? like, when there's hope there's light at the end of the tunnel or something like that.

but is hope really all it's cracked up to be?

how about when you hope and hope and hope and then at the end of the day, it all comes crashing down?

hope raises your expectations. hope gives you false security. hope gives you deluded happiness. hope can be so cruel.

  • having false hope is better than having no hope at all?

  • having false hope is worse than having no hope at all?

  • having false hope is the same as having no hope at all?

which one is true? one of them? all of them? none of them?

      Means: To hope with little reason or justification.

      you know, there's a reason an idiom such as this exists.

      He that lives upon hope will die fasting. ~ Benjamin Franklin

      Hope and fear are inseparable. ~ La Rochefoucauld

      Hope— it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. ~ The Architect The Matrix Reloaded

      or should we all just live by this, no matter how difficult or painful or tiring or hopeless..

      We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. ~ Martin Luther King

      and then, of course, there's MEMORIES.

      are they sweet? or sour? are they joyful? or tearful? are they happy and sustaining? or painful and draining?

      i dont know. i dont have the answer.

      but i really wish i did.

      ashes to ashes.
      dust to dust.

      over and over again.
      the story repeats itself.

      happen once, shame on you.
      happen twice, shame on me.
      happen three times, shame on the fool.

      winter time, hibernate.
      peace, quiet, sleep.
      turmoil, pain, awake.

      its always easier not to think.
      to sleep.
      when you have alcohol in you.

      escape is escape.
      one day, one hour, one minute.

      turn around, walk away.
      escapism is under rated.

      reality bites.
      truth hurts.
      dreams end.

      deal with it.


      you got what you wanted.
      dont ask for too much.

      feeling guilty doesnt matter.
      nothing changes.

      why you feel the way you feel.
      ask yourself.
      or your conscience.

      if you still have one.

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