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Friday, January 14, 2005

this and that

this guy is just unbelievable.

i really really dont know whether to laugh at his delusion and ignorance, or be hopping mad at his arrogance and insensitivity, or just shove a cactus up his arse and beat the shit outta him.

regarding the recent tsunami tragedy, read his comments HERE , HERE , and HERE.

i'm verily appalled and extremely incensed.


in other, more lighthearted news (to cheer me up after i have finished verbally berating and mentally whacking the insensitiv-o mentioned above)..

new fangled (or is it 'mangled'?) bedtime story - i love the modern, 21st century twist to the ending. heh.

Little Led Liding Hoot (M'sian and Singlish ver)

Once upon a time hor, got one girl little led liding hoot. She want to go to Ah Mah's house. Morning alleady she go out one, she got take come one basket to put flower. She "do want" to walk long-long so go take shot cut. Wah!!! she dono got one animal follow her one hor! She happy-happy walk until she come to Ah Mah house.

"Ah Mah! Ah Mah! I come, open the door leh?" she talk. Then Ah Mah also talk back, "Come in lah I never close one" Little Led Liding Hoot open the house and go inside door..... oh, solly solly.... open the door and go inside the house, she got see her Ah Mah on top of the bed. She go ask Ah Mah.

"AH Mah, how come your eye vely big one hor?"
"So I can see you maahhhhh!!!" Ah Mah say back.
"Ah Mah, how come your yearvely long one?"
"So vely easy to hear you one laah!!!!"
"Ah Mah, how come......."
"Aiyaa!!!! SO many question one ah you.... never die before heh?"
"Solylah Ah Mah, I dono mah that's why I ask".
"What soly-soly! Now I want to eat you, I not Ah Mah, I animal one you know....."

Wah! Little led liding Hoot vely scared one, she scleam vely loud but late alleady, the animal alleady eat her. She now inside stomach one. Suddenly got one people, cut wood one, go inside the house. He want to save Little Led Liding Hoot, he go and cut the animal stomach and take out everything, but he too late, Little Led Liding Hoot become shit alleady...


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