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Monday, January 10, 2005

one of those days..

.. when everything screws up
.. when everything seems horrible
.. when the world sucks
.. when all's bad and nothing's good

yesh. TODAY is one of THOSE days. let me count the ways :

    1. not being able to fall asleep, tossing and turning and staring until almost 4am
    2. waking up late and with a horrendous lack of sleep
    3. eyes swollen and painful
    4. dull throbbing in my head
    5. waiting forever for a taxi (normally i only have to wait 5mins max.)
    6. traffic jam which pissed me off and increased the taxi fare by $2
    7. seeing a squished dead bird
    8. irritating people and phone calls giving me no peace
    9. going hungry becos there's no time for lunch
    10. huge pile of work

and it goes on. but i shall not bother to recite the rest of it. ugh. i detest mondays.


i think overdosing on bailey's does not agree with my body.

and is it just my imagination, or does bailey's seem to get stronger the longer its kept?

my head and my stomach are in turmoil. i need another drink. blehh.


saturday night chill out session with the 3 couples (bran + sue, jon + steph, haresh + jay) and the 2 singles (me and wayne) was fun.

i think we were very noisy at COFFEE CLUB with our laughter and wayne's trumpet blaring voice. i think i'm in love with the mango tango drink. LOVELY!! chicken pie was not that bad too.

ACID BAR was pretty nice - cosy and cheap drinks and free refills of chips. i like! hee.

bumped into secondary school friends from ij - gen (who's working at acid bar doing marketing) and louanna. such coincidence!

and as jon said, that place was like a meeting place - everyone was bumping into everyone! such a small place yet we manage to bump into familiar faces - coincidences are amazing..

GROUP SHOT - bran, sue, me, steph, jon - ACID BAR

WAYNE was behind the camera. HARESH & JAY (who are missing once again! aiyah, you two ah! haha!) left after coffee club.

STEPH looks very frightened. i wonder what BRAN & SUE are telling her?! hmm.

presenting : BRAN & WAYNE performing THE KISSING GAME. aww, sho shweet!


CHEERS!! alcoholics anonymous hold their weekly meeting. heh.


full album of nicely posed shots and randomness found at
CC & AB - 080105

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