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Monday, January 17, 2005

of nightspots that begin with "A"

so, once again, on a saturday night, i find myself with the compelling urge to escape these walls that constitute my humble hdb flat home and fly away to be free - to prowl the streets in search of alcohol and good company.

trooped down to ACID BAR to meet up with bran, sue, jon, steph, ivan and huilam. caught the second half of the liverpool vs man u match there.

NOTE : while i'm on this topic of my beloved liverpool and this velly important match against their bitter rivals, might i just comment on the match and the outcome..

(insert various vulgarities in numerous languages and dialects here)

yes. liverpool lost to man united, 1-0. and that is how i feel about it. *fumes*

as i was saying. acid bar. saturday night. yes.

as usual, laughter and silliness was the order of the night. the place was packed to the brim due to the soccer matches (although i think the cheap beer - one for one all night long which makes it $20 per jug - and the free flow of black pepper potato chips also had something to do with it. hmm.) but the crowd cleared off after awhile so we finally managed to get a nice seat in the back corner of the bar.

i think we were very noisy. howling and guffawing at the top of our lungs at the ngs' "bri-ish" brand of "engrish" and we were all affected after some time - making grammar mistakes and pronounciation errors! and seeing bran trying to explain why sue's tooth could semi-fall off without hurting was hilarious. my friends are silly. they make me laugh. but i love them. cos they brighten up my life!

steph is quite power - she can command the rain to go away, the sun to come out and the music to come on!! she should be hired by the government as singapore's new top secret weapon. haha!

and based on an experience in the toilets involving sue and a pesky cubicle door that couldnt close, it has been proven beyond doubt that violence is the answer! its the way to go! (but maybe this only applies to inanimate objects like toilet doors.)

and then it was off to ATTICA i go! to meet up with EUGENE & FRIENDS. eugene is a guy that i got to know one saturday night while clubbing (drunkedly) away at my favourite dance spot, liquidroom.

i happen to find him quite physically attractive(actually, he caught my eye because his dance moves reminded me of my best friend brandon. and also because we kinda thought that he and his friends were gay, at first. heh.) unfortunately, my friends do not share my view regarding his "cute-ness". i dont understand why, though. he really IS quite appealing. (or maybe i just have really bad taste in men. haha!)


thanks to huilam who very kindly drove me to clarke quay, and ivan who also very kindly walked me to attica and accompanied me while waiting for eugene to collect me from the door.

after all the hype and waiting so long, i finally got the chance to visit attica. i think it must be very good, because even at 1-ish in the morning there was still a queue, waiting to get in.

but there was no need to queue for lucky lil me cos they know the people there. heh. it was jam packed to the brim! so many people! so loud! so many ang mohs! so dark!

went straight up to the dance club, attica too, where the guys had sofa seats! yay! knowing the people that matter really does have its perks! heh.

there was a guest dj playing - dj rebekah from kitch bitch recordings, i think. music was quite alrite. pretty enjoyable. nice grooves.

eugene's friends are a motley crew of very friendly, jovial, fun loving, easy going, silly, funny, interesting, down to earth people. extremely easy to get along with and who welcomed me into their little group immediately. but it was so difficult to keep track of everyone's names! we were introducing and re-introducing ourselves throughout the night! heh.

JOE (the extremely tall one and the guy who asked me "how come you dont have a boyfriend" out of nowhere when i didnt even mention this fact to anyone at all. my god. is my boyfriend-less status written so clearly on my face?!)

SHANNON (the long haired one with the nice eyes and the guy that went "i have only 3 questions for you - how old are you? can you speak cantonese? whats your starsign?" yes. but he's very funny.)

ADAM (the ang moh from newcastle that speaks so very fast and mumbles so half of the time you cant really understand what he's saying. and the rest call him the "british ah beng" or something like that. they taught him hokkien vulgarities and singlish. bwahahaha.)

DERRICK (the one that works in wholesale marketing for beach resorts.)

MICHAEL (the one that was cracking me up with his gongfu conversation.)

PRISCILLA (the primary school teacher.)

there were alot of other people but i cant recall now. too many! overload.

and no, no one tried to get into my pants! hardly. far from it. everyone was very gentlemanly. (oh dear. does it reflect badly on me and my feminine appeal that no one tried to pick me up?! damn. hahaha.) but there was this one ang moh on the dance floor - that prompted eugene to.. never mind. heh.

and my goodness! they were all very tall!! eugene is 1.83m. doesnt look like it but when i stood next to him i could tell the very big difference is our heights. i felt quite the shorty around them!

and he's so young! discovery of the nite - eugene is only 21 this year! 4 years younger than me! the same age as my younger bro and sue!! hahaha! small boy!! hahaha! but he really doesnt come across as so young. (and he was asking me from a woman's point of view does age matter and i told him its really not the age its the mind and maturity but he doesnt believe me and disagrees very much! hahaha. )

and everyone was asking me if i was not pure chinese - "you have such nice eyes!" - its the mascara and the eyeliner lah i tell u! make up does wonders. blehh.

and people saying i was "so cute!" and looking upon me indulgingly, as if i were a 3 year old snot nosed chubby faced lollipop waving child. bah.

and joe saying i looked younger than my age - "maybe its your hair, you look like cleopatra.." - *mumble* yesh. i get that all the time. sheesh!

i spent the night lounging on the sofa. talking. laughing (especially at the antics of one particular gay guy that was behaving very funnily and a few ang mohs that were gyrating madly). abit of dancing towards the end.

we left attica too around 5ish and went for prata. i was further entertained at the prata shop with a drama-mama "free show".

2 ang mohs and then one chinese guy shouting at them and then a flying cigarette butt that landed on joe's shoulder and then the guys standing up and getting involved and all hell breaks loose. (well, not really lah. it wasnt an all out fight, jus a lot of pushing and shoving and heated words and blah blah.)

but they finally got it all worked out without violence. and at least they had the decency to apologise to the 2 females for causing a ruckus and asking us if we were alright. but it was really quite exciting! (i'm such a sucker for these gangster "gu wah zhai" kinda thingies. oops.)

oh, i met taufique (who hails back from the days of secondary school and far east plaza) - who had come from liquidroom - at the prata shop. turns out the german trance dj that was supposed to be very good and scheduled to spin at liquid - ron-whats-his-name. (i remember it as sneezy-dick. taufique said ron stimpy) - didnt turn up! so a local dj took over instead but he was quite good so the music was alrite.

finally home at 7am. fall into exhausted sleep around 8am. (only to be woken up at 9am by scotty boy calling to kachiao me!! :p)

and so ended my saturday night. yes, i had a TREMENDOUSLY ENJOYABLE time the entire night. *huge satisfied grin*


P/S : please forgive my extremely long winded incoherent rambling mumbo jumbo. my thoughts are all over the place! madness..

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