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Monday, January 03, 2005

new year's eve celebrations

held at wayne's brother's place in bishan.

among the things i remember of the festivities :

yummy pasta, chicken curry, assorted beer, vodka orange, tequila shots, bourbon coke, wine, smelly cigars, FIREWORKS!

rauccous laughter, silliness, drunken-ness... good company, chilling out... music, shania twain at one point... a visit from the piggies that wasnt a visit after all... handshakes and hugs all round to ring in the new year...

all in all, a wonderful night and one to remember. :)

SHILTON & JENNIFER - our wonderful hosts for the night who didnt mind our drunken antics and the mess we left behind. thanks and apologies again!

CROWD SHOTS - starting of the party ; middle of the party ; ending of the party

see any differences in the photos? no? then look closer! heh.

GROUP SHOT - minus haresh + gf once again becos they came late!

STEPH & FRIENDS - pity them who had to endure our crazy drunken silliness!

drunken PETE - you cant really see it here, but he was really red!

the hendricks brothers + mel + me.

JON & STEPH - jon's not drunk, by the way. he's just being "squirrely". heh.

a very drunken WAYNE and equally if not more sloshed VIC - the insane duo who provided us much laughter with their crazy antics and silly talk.

me + sis-in-law, sue + my best pal, brandon.

drunken mama (a.k.a wayne) + me + haresh + gf.

ah, yes. the infamous "happiest man on earth" photo.

ME, JON and that's poor STEPH on his lap. and no, she's not doing what you think she's doing. she's had a drop too much and is resting, that's all! dirty minds. tsk. heh.

the other infamous shot - "orgasmic relief".

dont ask what VIC and WAYNE are doing. you dont wanna know. eeeeee! *shhhhh*



the full 65 photos of drunken-ness found at

new years eve 04

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