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Monday, January 03, 2005

new year's day @ happy days

chilling out with good friends on a cold night at gardens is quite therapeutic.

laughing till my cheeks and stomach ache is invigorating.

and the balls of fire (or firey balls or whatever its called) is absolutely delicious!!

playing silly childhood games provides quite a workout!

BOGGLE exercised our minds.

BANANA (which is like HEART ATTACK but improvised) exercised our physical selves while getting our blood pumping and hearts pounding with the excitement.

people grabbing other people's hands and fingers and legs and what-nots in the mad rush. screaming and shrieking. flying objects.

silly forfeits - jon making like a chinese vampire with toilet paper on his forehead. me with toilet paper dangling from my chest. bran with his toilet paper stuffing at the crotch.

plastic knock-off JENGA exercised our steady hands. and in some cases, showcased our trembling shaking mitts.


semi-complete album at NEW YEARS DAY 05

more photos to be added (courtesy of eugene and his digicam) later.

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