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Friday, January 07, 2005

my week in retrospect

monday - jan 3rd

caught MEET THE FOCKERS at marina. silly show. funny, but not funny enough.

the first one was by far much much better. still, it was not THAT bad. it had its moments.

little jack (LJ) the baby was damn cute though - blond, rosy cheeked. and the way he pronounced asshole - ASSSS HOOOLLL. heh.

my verdict - do not pay more than $7.50 to get focker-ised.

all the way to ALTIVO at mount faber for drinks. i love the place. so.. high? heh.

mucho expensiv-o though. a jug of beer for $38... wtf! as much as i like beer, i'm not paying through my arse for it.

opted for frozen mango margarita (very cold. very huge. small glass. frozen things melt. then they overflow and spill. heard of bigger glasses? silly people.) and lychee martini (the menu stated lychee liqueur + vodka. they meant it literally. it was like drinking lychee flavoured vodka shots. too strong for even us seasoned drinkers! we had to get them to add 7up to dilute it. heh.)

my F.M.M. and (killer) lychee martini - front view

side view of my margarita - does not it look like the leaning tower of pisa?

i was trying all ways and means to push it back upright! panicking that it was gonna topple over and make a huge mess. which, luckily, it didnt after all. hee.

took a short walk around mount faber - intending to explore the woods and stroll all the way down to civilisation. but chicken-shit lil me chickened out.

very dark. very eerie. very scary. the hairs on the back of my neck were standing. i felt something tickling my back. hmm.

boarded the free shuttle bus to harbourfront. strolled around abit. taxi ride home.

it was a lovely night :)

tuesday - jan 4th

migraine. vomitting. cold sweat.

called office, reported sick. collapsed on my sofa. passed the day watching my old METEOR GARDEN vcds.

jerry yen is a GOD. WOW WOW WOW!

wednesday - jan 5th

work is killing me. so much to do, so very little time. ugh.

caught KUNGFU HUSTLE with wayne, scott and jon at bishan.

very very silly. very very exaggerating. very very lame. well, alright, there were some truly hilarious parts. kung fu moves were quite nice. still, not quite up to stephen chow's standards, if you ask me.

my verdict - i dont mind paying $6.50 for this, but no more. but wayne says he'd pay $8.50 to watch it. so, go figure.

head over to GARDENS for la-la and fried oyster supper. the beer tasted wierd. drank sugarcane instead. hmm. maybe i really am going off alcohol. you think?

thursday - jan 6th

work sucks. have to settle 4 different companies' accounts by end january. argh!

head to EAST COAST PARK around 10.30pm. drinks at beachside bars.

although i really dont know why they would call them "beachside" bars when they are not even by the beach side! so far away from the beach! and they have the cheek to call them "beachside". hmph.

2 mugs of beer at this place at the costa sands resort.

then hunger pangs strike so we attempt to walk to macdonalds. so far!! give up halfway and hail a cab. yesh, we are very very lazy people. heh.

i didnt know that the macdonalds at east coast closes so late! at least now i know where to go if i get midnight french fries and cheesburger cravings. yay!

adjourn to BERNIE'S BFD for more drinks. really nice chillout atmosphere. and their frozen mango margarita gave us brainfreeze. cold cold cold!

head for home, satisfied and smiling. i love these hangout sessions! :D

friday - jan 7th

too sick to go to work.

too tired to go anywhere.

too weak to dance.

too sian to drink.

beer really IS starting to taste funny to me. alcohol is beginning to lose its appeal.

i think i'm going insane - i think i'm really going off booze - for now at least.

stress sucks.


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