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Thursday, January 27, 2005

my soft toy can beat up your soft toy!

GERMS & VIRUSES - the new "must have" plushies of the millenium!

these definitely are way cooler than those silly hello kitty's. and personally, i think they're so much cuter too!

this is the BEDBUG microbe. nasty, pinky looking thing, isnt it?!

do you think, if i got one of these and put it on the bed, would it freak out all the normal bedbugs and then they'd run away or something?

bedbugs : argh! its the marshmallow bedbug! run! before he squashes us all!!


and check out the EBOLA VIRUS plushie - it reminds me of the ET plushie i had when i was a kid.

can you see the resemblance? no? visualise ET's head, sideways, lah!

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