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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

my handphone camera is lousy..

found some pictures (taken with my silly handphone camera that is so grainy and i cant see shit. grrr.) from the night we played number ball last week.

the night where i (finally) left my digicam at home instead of lugging it everywhere with me. the night where i bloody hell regretted leaving the damn digicam at home because of all the silly moments while playing number ball.

now i will never have a photo of pete doing his ever-so-graceful, ballet-like thumbelina pose!! i missed a once in a lifetime opportunity! woe is me! heh.


he really looks the part, doesnt he? hee.

WAYNE & SCOTT - best friends & closet couple.

by the way, SCOTT is "playing" with his nipple. just in case you cant tell. heh.

PETE stretching for a shot.

observe him in this position. see his one leg thats lifted off the floor? imagine his leg lifted all the way up, bent so its touching his butt.

thats the thumbelina pose.

it may not seem funny to you now, but trust me, when you see it in real life, its freaking hilarious. especially since its PETE. ahahaha!

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