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Friday, January 21, 2005

my best friend - "engrish" genius

before i start my tribute to my best friend, MR. BRANDON NG, a little something from out hups gathering on wednesday.

someone said something about seeing VIBRATING CONDOMS in a 7-11 store recently. so we were all quite intrigued by this and proceeded to puzzle over where the bloody hell they could put the battery pack and mechanisms that would obviously be required to power and er, vibrate, this "special" birth control instrument.

which led to these possible positionings that we could come up with :

(i) at the tip of the "reservoir" itself. (you know, that "air pocket bubble thingy" at the bottom.)

(ii) seperate external battery pack.

(iii) at the top, at the side.

(iv) two hanging sacks by the sides, at the top. (yes, i know it looks disturbing. i'm not very good at art lah, ok?!)

of course, as scott put it "why dont you all just go and buy one and see??" - which i shall. because i am very curious. and its purely for OBSERVATION PURPOSES only hor! dirty minded.. tsk. heh.

and now. as promised. a special dedication to my best friend, i present to you :


  • the "EE-FAL" TOWER (famous landmark in paris - the eiffel tower)

  • "PARANOMIA" (panoramic)

  • "SQUARISH TRIANGLE" and "EQUAL TRIANGLE" (when trying to describe equilateral triangle)

  • "HOOK IT ONTO YOUR BELT" (when discussing where to place the external battery pack of vibrating condom - see above.)

for those of you that dont get this, think!! under the circumstances you would use a condom, would you be wearing a belt?! doh.

  • brandon asks us to spell PLAQUE and PLAGUE. after we spell it out for him, he goes "THERE! ITS THE SAME RIGHT?!"

  • we were discussing how polar bears are from the artic and penguins are from the antartic and they dont inhabit the same area. brandon insists that "I"VE SEEN POLAR BEARS AND PENGUINS SWIMMING SIDE BY SIDE!!" to refute the discussion. he claims he probably saw it on discovery channel or something. then someone asks him "WAS IT AT THE ZOO?" brandon stops, thinks awhile then goes "OH.. YA.. I THINK SO.."

i'm sorry, bro! please forgive me for posting this.. its just too funny lah! hee.

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