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Friday, January 21, 2005

its lay-dees nite

wednesday was girls nite out - sue, steph, stace, and me. hmm.

do you see it?? SSS. and then one poor lonely pathetic E. aiyah! and thats not all they have in common too. all 3 S's are attached. all 3 S's are younger than me.

bah. why liddat?! maybe i should change my name. find a way to be an "S" also. so that we can be the SSSS. instead of the Triple S - E. heh. lemme see..

sue, steph, stace, and SINGLE
sue, steph, stace, and SILLY
sue, steph, stace, and SPECIAL
sue, steph, stace, and SAN-BA
sue, steph, stace, and STRANGE

bwahahahahaha! oh dear. i quite like them all (except the SINGLE one. *mumble grumble*). so which one should i adopt?! heh.

anyhow. as i was saying. girls nite out. yes.

dinner at CHOMPS in serangoon gardens, where the bloody fried oyster had the cheek to be closed! grrr.

eh, we (well, me and sue at least) went all the way there just to attack the fried oyster ok. and they were closed! so inconsiderate. hmph.

had to settle for the other stall but the oysters were so eeeee! the smell was damn strong and permeated the eggs. and there wasnt enough starch. gross. at least the la-la was ok.

loud laughter and hilariousness prevailed once again. we were very noisy. and then out came my trusty digicam and suddenly we transform into cant-get-enough-of-the-camera-silly-people (except steph lah. she was quite calm. like a seasoned supermodel compared to the 3 of us newbie models. haha.)

taking photos was like playing musical chairs.
"you come here." ... "ok, now you go there." ... "wait, i go over." ... "take for me and me." ... "now take for me and me." ... "three by three - you three then you three then me three" ...


and our "debate" on STAMINA vs SIZE when it comes to MEN. after defining the boundaries and terms - if you choose SIZE then STAMINA only 1 or 2 minutes. if choose STAMINA then SIZE *edited for decency*

stacey : STAMINA

and then... the one that stole all the limelight and had us all cackling like mad hags...


(i cant remember her exact words, but something along these lines lah. if anyone can remember the exact thing please let me know hor!!)

classic. bwahahahaha.

and then there was the quote about asking brandon to "lie down and blow". eh, we were discussing about how smoky it would be if a whole big gang of us started puffing away in the ng's ktchen (it'll be like zouk's smoke machine lor!) and how to disperse the smoke with a fan or something, when eventually led to asking bran to lie down on the floor and blow. dont worry, bran, we will get wayne to "lie down and help you blow"!

and of course, the NAZI b*****ds thing that proved eurasians really are easily amused. rite, stace? hee.

the mess we left behind.

(i) STACE at work on her straw. she has this "thing" for artistically mangling her straws. sharp teeth. ooh. pity *ahem*. hee.

(ii) finished product of straw-mangling - she bites them into a spiral! and she can do a whole straw too. wah.

me and steph. - me and sue. - me and stace.

SUE's super-vain "hiao" pose.

ME and STEPH and STACE trying to impersonate SUE's "hiao" pose.

unfortunately, we fail and are upstaged by sue one again. sigh. it must be an artform or something. must learn! heh.

STACE practises to be MISS CHINATOWN 2005.
"well-kum to chyna-tau!!"

and then it was off to HUPS to meet the guys for round 2 of loud laughter and hilariousness. we were very noisy. (aiyah. we're always very noisy. its how you know we're there. if one day, we sit there quiet quiet dont make noise then you know there's something wrong aleady. heh.)

wah. our friendly neighbourhood coffeshop hangout second home upgrade aleady. no more cheap cheap common plastic/wooden tables.

now marble tables - high class leh!!

SCOTT and WAYNE doing their "milo dinosaur" impersonation.

scott looks quite retarded. wayne looks like he's happy to be a milo dino. heh.

the gay bears , which roy got from the wedding he attended.

there is another, er, more "comprimising" photo of the bears. check the photo album. heh.


full photo albums at GIRLS NITE OUT and HUPS

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