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Sunday, January 02, 2005


man, new year celebrations this year were crazy, silly, funny.. I LOVED IT ALL! hee.

photos and updates on the celebrations and (drunken / silly) celebrants shall be up soon.

in the meantime,

huilam is in taiwan for new year's. thankfully he decided to change his plans and not go to koh samui, after the tsunami disaster in the area.

stacey, who was in penang when the tsunami hit, but is thankfully safe and unharmed, is coming back tomorrow.

jon is starting work tomorrow - as a form teacher of a primary 2 class in ACS! lets all wish him best of luck, ya? and lets wish the kiddies luck too, having to contand with mr. squirrel! bwahahaha! joke. joke. heh.

scott spent new year's working. poor boy! we missed you during the celebrations, scotty. :)

everyone else seems to be relatively the same over this transition period - back to our jobs and/or school and/or bumming and/or whatever it is we were doing in 2004.


CHEERS to a new year and a new beginning, everyone!!

and do remember the poor victims of the tsunami tragedy - pray, donate, whatever.

sometimes, we really are more fortunate than we give credit for.

lets all learn to appreciate more and bitch less!

count our blessings, however little or insignificant they may seem to us - its more than alot of others could ever wish or hope for.

enjoy the year ahead, dear friends - and i love you guys! :)

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