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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Friendster is JERK home planet

a message received the other day on Friendster from someone i obviously (and thankfully!) dont know :

Hi, you are pretty & sweertlooking ... u mind meeting up for a no strings attached physical fling? Only physical & total discreets. Am 178cm tall, medium built. Hear from you soon. Cheers

bwahahahahahaha!! my goodness. the forwardness of it all. cannot tahan. eh, i'm actually very traditional and conservative one hor! i shy when people so direct leh.

my reply :

thanks for the compliments and the offer. but sorry, i dont do one nite stands. and even if i did, it would never ever not in a million years be with someone like you. i hope you have better luck with someone else. cheers!

of course, what i really wanted to reply was something that included numerous vulgarities and obscenities that threatened his south pole hardware.

but of course, being the sweet, angelic, nice lil girl that i am. i thought i'd be polite. heh.

these people are hilarious.

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