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Sunday, January 16, 2005

22 men chasing 1 ball

the tiger cup finals is on telly now. singapore vs indonesia. second leg. the all deciding match. singapore goes into this match with a 2 goal advantage, having won 3-1 in the first leg.

current score : singapore 2 indonesia 0

go singapore! eh. must be patriotic abit lah ah. support your country! heh.

and i can hear all these people in the neighbouring blocks screaming and shouting with loud cheers and "GOOOAAALLL"s. i can imagine them jumping up and down in their living rooms.

toa-payoh-ans are such a patriotic bunch. i'm proud (and amused!)

wah. which reminds me. you should have heard my fellow toa-payoh-ans scream during the world cup and euro tournaments, man. havoc ah!! dont even need to switch on the tv. just listen to them shouting, can tell what happen in the match already!

i think toa-payoh-ans (or at least the ones living in the flats surrounding me) must be very avid soccer fans. or they must be strong singapore pools supporters (or is it donators). hahaha!

***** (msn-ing with wayne during this interval) *****

wayne has gone off to finish his dvd reviews for first magazine. i am back to complete my hanging-in-mid-air post.

the final whistle has blown in the tiger cup finals on telly.

final score : singapore 2 indonesia 1


* eileen attempts to perform the kallang wave but realises that its quite impossible to achieve the same effect when one does this as an individual as opposed to a stadium full of people. besides it looks silly and i hope my mother doesnt open the room door to find me kallang-waving by myself, in front of the computer. she's liable to think her eldest daughter has lost it completely. hell, she already thinks i'm very strange. blehh. *

anyway. CONGRATULATIONS to the singapore football team, coach, supporters, etc etc and so on and so forth.

after eons and eons, we, the little red dot on the map, have finally won a major (it is major? quite lah, rite? i think.) tournament. its about damn time, too!

NEXT STOP - singapore for the world cup by 2010? (remember all that hype about goal 2010 some time back?)

erm. no offense, guys. but lets take it one step at a time, eh? first work on the s-league, then the sea games, then the asian games or whatever whatever - and then we shall see how.

but still, congrats once again and good job to all involved! i'm proud :)


my mother insists that indonesia kelong-ed the game and purposely let us win because singapore helped indonesia in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster and this is their way of repaying us and giving us face, and also in the hopes that we will continue to be a friendly, assistance-offering neighbouring nation in future.


MY MOTHER - the woman who pretends to be an expert soccer analyst but who in reality doesnt watch nor follow soccer and has not the faintest idea what the bloody hell is going on. heh.

eh. she bet on the world cup and euro tournaments but she didnt even know who was who or what was what or which team advanced or which team won the match, lor!

its called anyhow hantam bola - or she resorts to pumping her hapless children (me and my younger brother - my younger sister has not learnt the art of soccer appreciation yet. tsk - who happen to be avid soccer fans and actually have SOME idea of what's actually goin on) for information and tips regarding which team to bet on.

you should see us trying to talk about soccer with her during the occasions we have family dinners. (eh, its always her that brings up the subject lor. so we talk lah!) it can literally degenerate into mind-numbing, fighting-urge-to-bang-head-on-wall, eye-rolling, AIYOH-exclaiming business lor.

of course, i'm no soccer expert. but at least (after following the EPL and WORLD CUP and EURO CUP and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and UEFA CUP and SERIE A and LA LIGA and blah blah blah for some years now, and also owing that i count many soccer fanatics amongst my numerous friends, and also due to the fact that i read the new paper sports section as well as (quite)religiously) i pride myslef on having at least SOME basic knowledge. and i more or less know who's who, what's what, which's which lor.

come on lor. i even had to explain to her how to place a bet with singapore pools lor!

"1X2 means this.... TOTAL GOALS means this.... blah blah blah. see the odds from the tv screen. aiyah, never mind the odds lah. wait they confuse you further only. just play the normal one lah. then you pick which team you want and place your bet lah. what you mean how to? shade the boxes lah! like 4D liddat lah. AIYAH! NEVER MIND LAH! YOU JUST TELL ME WHO YOU WANT TO BUY THEN I WILL GO AND BUY FOR YOU LAH!! give up....."


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