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Monday, January 31, 2005

extremely valuable advice

how to ensure your child hates you

Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (pronounced "Albin") was a name given to a Swedish child by his parents in May 1996.

The boy's parents had planned to never legally name him at all. A district court in Halmstad, southern Sweden, fined the parents (Elizabeth Hallin and ?) 5,000 kronor (approximately US$680 or €550) for failing to register a name for the boy by his fifth birthday. Responding to the fine, the parents submitted the 43-character name, claiming that it was "a pregnant, expressionistic development that we see as an artistic creation." The parents suggested the name be understood in the spirit of pataphysics. The court rejected the name and upheld the fine.

taken from the wonderful, never-ceases-to-enthrall-me, WIKIPEDIA - here

someone, please tell me - what the bloody hell were these people thinking? sigh. and how, pray tell, could a name like that be pronounced as "ALBIN"?!

as they would say in civilised society and coffeshops : SEOW AH?!


Sunday, January 30, 2005

happy 23rd birthday, PETE! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

social state-us

You scored as Upper middle Class. Your determination have soared you this high, yet not high enough to enjoy the luxuries of the upper class. Your most valued posession is your country club membership which is kept framed in the office.

Upper middle Class


Lower Class


Middle Class




Luxurious Upper Class


What Social Status are you?
created with

lies! what country club membership?! i dont even have membership to community centre gym!! bah.

left brain, right brain, NO brain

Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 43%
Visual : 56%
Left : 58%
Right : 41%

eileen, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant and show a preference for visual learning, although not extreme in either characteristic. You probably tend to do most things in moderation, but not always.

Your left-hemisphere dominance implies that your learning style is organized and structured, detail oriented and logical. Your visual preference, though, has you seeking stimulation and multiple data. Such an outlook can overwhelm structure and logic and create an almost continuous state of uncertainty and agitation. You may well suffer a feeling of continually trying to "catch up" with yourself.

Your tendency to be organized and logical and attend to details is reasonably well-established which should afford you success regardless of your chosen field of endeavor. You can "size up" situations and take in information rapidly. However, you must then subject that data to being classified and organized which causes you to "lose touch" with the immediacy of the problem.

Your logical and methodical nature hamper you in this regard though in the long run it may work to your advantage since you "learn from experience" and can go through the process more rapidly on subsequent occasions.

You remain predominantly functional in your orientation and practical. Abstraction and theory are secondary to application. In keeping with this, you focus on details until they manifest themselves in a unique pattern and only then work with the "larger whole."

With regards to your career choices, you have a mentality that would be good as a scientist, coach, athlete, design consultant, or an engineering technician.

You can "see where you want to go" and even be able to "tell yourself," but find that you are "fighting yourself" at the darndest times.

quite true. now go and take the TEST for yourself.

vibrating (birth control?) device

for those of you that are interested / curious / just plain perverted, and who havent yet had the misfortune opportunity to hear me wax on about it in person, or seen it yourself, the vibrating condom i was talking about recently can be seen HERE.

its made in taiwan, by the way. and it costs $9.90 (which is more expensive than a pack of cigarettes! wah lau!)

then again, its supposed to be reusable (though i havent exactly tried it yet. and neither do i intend to!) so it may be worth the money, if you're into this kinda thing.

i got mine from the 7-11 at serangoon gardens. i'm not sure where else its sold, but i've been told some cheers outlets stock it too.

Friday, January 28, 2005


the fantastic MANGO TANGO ice blended & the awesome CHICKEN PIE.

very good. very yummy. *slurp*

the horribly sinful but totally delicious and very huge MUDDY MUD PIE.


pictures taken during "SSS-E" girls night out to the 24hour COFFEE CLUB (outside orchard california fitness) on 25 January.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

what price for my head?

i was surfing the net and found this website that proposes to calculate how much a person is worth by getting you to answer some questions.

curious about my "price", i happily answered the questions dutifully, and clicked the SUBMIT button.

lo and behold!

i got an error message.

wah! i'm priceless! or maybe its worthless. bah.

the blind cock

my mother just told me that this chinese new year, it will be the start of the year of the blind rooster.

so, because of fengshui reasons, i must wear RED on the first day.

why?! if the rooster is blind, then what color i wear also no difference right? he cant see what! how will he know what color i wear?!

not that i have anything against red, of course. i happen to quite like red clothes. and i can always just wear the red cheongsam halter top from last year's CNY.

wait. cannot leh. mother say must be NEW CLOTHES. aiyah.

its just silly.

in my family, we've long since stopped adhering to the tradition of looking like walking, talking, human ang pows for CNY. as long as we dont wear black on the first day, my mother is appeased.

sigh. at least now i now which side of the family i get my superstitious-ness and pantang-ness from.


next year, i'm going to tell my mother that its the year of the GOTH / VAMPIRE / WITCH DOG - so must wear BLACK.

or the BANANA DOG year - must wear YELLOW.

or the PSYCHEDELIC RAINBOW HIPPIE DOG year - must wear retro prints / bright colors / 60's style clothes (even underwear also!!)


"the indispensible companion to any self-respecting relationship"

now. the question here, is :

"would any self-respecting relationship actualy need a BOOK?!"

and the answer is :

"of course bloody NOT!"

hmm. then again.

maybe thats where i've been going wrong all this time. maybe you really DO need a silly little BOOK - written by people who dont even know who the hell you are or what your relationship is like - to tell you what to do in order not to crash and burn in the game of love. maybe thats why my relationships tend to be so screwy. meh.


hell, i havent even read the "men are from mars, women are from venus" series.

i'm not very into these self help thingamajig books and stuff. blehh.

my soft toy can beat up your soft toy!

GERMS & VIRUSES - the new "must have" plushies of the millenium!

these definitely are way cooler than those silly hello kitty's. and personally, i think they're so much cuter too!

this is the BEDBUG microbe. nasty, pinky looking thing, isnt it?!

do you think, if i got one of these and put it on the bed, would it freak out all the normal bedbugs and then they'd run away or something?

bedbugs : argh! its the marshmallow bedbug! run! before he squashes us all!!


and check out the EBOLA VIRUS plushie - it reminds me of the ET plushie i had when i was a kid.

can you see the resemblance? no? visualise ET's head, sideways, lah!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

i was bored, so i found these


supposedly, it relieves stress, heals bodies, and makes you smarter.

well, damn! if its that good, i'm getting me a pair of drumsticks! BANGS AWAY!! heh.


possibly the STUPIDEST / IDIOTIC-EST SEX MANUAL ever printed.

it teaches you hold to hold hands. they use a test tube in place of *ahem*. the cover model has armpit hair, for petes sakes!

i'm torn between laughing my arse off or shaking my head in disbelief. wait. i'll do BOTH.


BEER IS GOOD FOR YOU - no, really, it IS.

hah! i knew it! no wonder i'm such a genius, what with the amount of beer i chug. heh.

another excuse reason for me to continue my life of alcoholism.



news flash - buttocks as the new personality assessment tool!

people - chuck those run-of-the-mill, boring, personality test thingamajigs out the window!

start staring at those butts, because now you have a legitimate reason!

handwriting analysis

yesh, those scribbles represent my handwriting. and they seem to paint a suprisingly accurate portrait of me, for the most part.

wow. who knew "crossing your T's and dotting your I's" could have so much meaning behind it. heh.


if you're interested (or extremely bored), read MY RESULTS and tell me if its the truth about me.

or, you could just go take the TEST for yourself. heh.

my handphone camera is lousy..

found some pictures (taken with my silly handphone camera that is so grainy and i cant see shit. grrr.) from the night we played number ball last week.

the night where i (finally) left my digicam at home instead of lugging it everywhere with me. the night where i bloody hell regretted leaving the damn digicam at home because of all the silly moments while playing number ball.

now i will never have a photo of pete doing his ever-so-graceful, ballet-like thumbelina pose!! i missed a once in a lifetime opportunity! woe is me! heh.


he really looks the part, doesnt he? hee.

WAYNE & SCOTT - best friends & closet couple.

by the way, SCOTT is "playing" with his nipple. just in case you cant tell. heh.

PETE stretching for a shot.

observe him in this position. see his one leg thats lifted off the floor? imagine his leg lifted all the way up, bent so its touching his butt.

thats the thumbelina pose.

it may not seem funny to you now, but trust me, when you see it in real life, its freaking hilarious. especially since its PETE. ahahaha!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

happy birthday to paul JO-EL hendricks!

a quarter of a century.. thats a long time.. wait. you're the same age as me. dammit! BAH!


late last night, i trooped down to the 24 hour mr bean cafe at selegie for supper. and found myself right smack in the middle of the thaipusam procession.

the procession was travelling from little india, right down selegie, right in front of the cafe, so i had something to observe while stuffing my face.

thankfully, the roads werent closed last night but the entire stretch of pavement right in front of the cafe was cordoned off for the procession.

i had to get the taxi driver to turn into the back lane to enter the cafe. there was no way i was going to alight by the roadside and squeeze my way through that throng of people!!

i actually wanted to take photos but i was forbidden by my supper kaki - "dont be rude lah! have some respect!"

meh. i think he was just worried about me embarrasing him with the very bright flash on my digicam and my suaku-ness. bah.

it was kinda scary. such a huge mass of people! and the flow seemed neverending, i tell you.

but (thankfully!) it wasnt the actual procession so the devotees werent carrying their kavadis in full.

i think if i saw kavadi bearers - like the one in the photo - i would probably faint on the spot (all those sharp needles and rods and hooks piercing their bodies! eeeee!)

eh, i may have a sadomasochistic streak but not to that extent! besides, i dont like needles!

it was just a couple of people carrying (milk?) pots on their heads, kavadis over their shoulders (without the piercings!) and a whole lot of chants and cheers and whistling.

there was even a guy pounding a beat on one of those indian drums (called a tabla?) as he walked, while the people around him sang and cheered.

hmm. i remember witnessing a thaipusam procession along little india when i was younger. i dont recall if i was scared shitless by it or if i was fascinated, but i think it was probably a little of both. but i remember wondering how they managed to endure the pain. me and my morbid curiosity.

but it amazes me, really - the pain and the lengths the hindu devotees are willing to go through and endure for the sake of penance / thanksgiving / devotion. i heard they even walk on burning coals / fire!! and some do it while still carrying their kavadis and piercings! wah.

scary. but power. must really salute them for their efforts.

Monday, January 24, 2005

free time is EVIL?

yesh. its 4am on sunday/monday and i have to be at work at 9am later today and i am still awake. cant sleep. extremely tired. just cant doze off. toss and turn. bleary eyed. but unable to slip into the unconsciousness of dreamland.

bloody hell. see, i told you i have insomnia. so i shall occupy myself by blogging and hopefully tire my brain out enough that it will finally switch off and i can get some much needed shut eye. gahh.


weekends, public holidays, special occasions - they all tend to have the same effect on me. they make me depressed.

such a vicious cycle, it is.

spending all my days dragging my ass to the office and being stuck in corporate slavery, wishing and hoping for the weekend to come.

eagerly looking forward to holidays and occasions so that attendance at work can be chucked out the window.

happily planning what the free time away from hideous work can be used for. outings, clubbing, chilling, relaxing - having a life!

but then. the long awaited freedom arrives. and all my wishes and hopes are steamrolled as flat as a bloody airport runway.

the realisation hits me - i cant do shit. i DONT have a LIFE. wait. thats unfair. i DO have a life. but not the one i desire to have. sigh.

why liddat?!

i need to fully utilise my free time. if not i feel cheated and unfulfilled and that the whole thing is such a waste. i need to go out and DO SOMETHING.

the couples have each other. the homebodies have their beds and computers and televisions and what-nots. my clubbing kakis have hung up their dancing shoes and drinking belts. blah blah blah.

and me? sigh.

yesh. it kinda sucks. and during these occasions, i find myself wishing i had someone to spend it with. someone to accompany me and hold my hand while i do all the things i want to do.

damn. i guess too much free time really isnt a good thing after all. must stop feeling sorry for myself. i have my friends, who are a wonderful bunch and bring me much joy, laughter and silliness. and that's something i'm thankful for.

and at least my long weekend wasnt completely wasted.

thursday - hanging out at hups and playing number ball till 6am

friday - movies and boozing at the ng's place and a flash round of mahjong

saturday - chilling out in town with coffee at heeren's spinelli's and food at the hawker opposite centrepoint before playing number ball until almost 8am

sunday - dinner at gardens and slacking at hups

i really love hate love hate .. have a love/hate relationship with weekends and public holidays. sigh.

Friday, January 21, 2005

my best friend - "engrish" genius

before i start my tribute to my best friend, MR. BRANDON NG, a little something from out hups gathering on wednesday.

someone said something about seeing VIBRATING CONDOMS in a 7-11 store recently. so we were all quite intrigued by this and proceeded to puzzle over where the bloody hell they could put the battery pack and mechanisms that would obviously be required to power and er, vibrate, this "special" birth control instrument.

which led to these possible positionings that we could come up with :

(i) at the tip of the "reservoir" itself. (you know, that "air pocket bubble thingy" at the bottom.)

(ii) seperate external battery pack.

(iii) at the top, at the side.

(iv) two hanging sacks by the sides, at the top. (yes, i know it looks disturbing. i'm not very good at art lah, ok?!)

of course, as scott put it "why dont you all just go and buy one and see??" - which i shall. because i am very curious. and its purely for OBSERVATION PURPOSES only hor! dirty minded.. tsk. heh.

and now. as promised. a special dedication to my best friend, i present to you :


  • the "EE-FAL" TOWER (famous landmark in paris - the eiffel tower)

  • "PARANOMIA" (panoramic)

  • "SQUARISH TRIANGLE" and "EQUAL TRIANGLE" (when trying to describe equilateral triangle)

  • "HOOK IT ONTO YOUR BELT" (when discussing where to place the external battery pack of vibrating condom - see above.)

for those of you that dont get this, think!! under the circumstances you would use a condom, would you be wearing a belt?! doh.

  • brandon asks us to spell PLAQUE and PLAGUE. after we spell it out for him, he goes "THERE! ITS THE SAME RIGHT?!"

  • we were discussing how polar bears are from the artic and penguins are from the antartic and they dont inhabit the same area. brandon insists that "I"VE SEEN POLAR BEARS AND PENGUINS SWIMMING SIDE BY SIDE!!" to refute the discussion. he claims he probably saw it on discovery channel or something. then someone asks him "WAS IT AT THE ZOO?" brandon stops, thinks awhile then goes "OH.. YA.. I THINK SO.."

i'm sorry, bro! please forgive me for posting this.. its just too funny lah! hee.

its lay-dees nite

wednesday was girls nite out - sue, steph, stace, and me. hmm.

do you see it?? SSS. and then one poor lonely pathetic E. aiyah! and thats not all they have in common too. all 3 S's are attached. all 3 S's are younger than me.

bah. why liddat?! maybe i should change my name. find a way to be an "S" also. so that we can be the SSSS. instead of the Triple S - E. heh. lemme see..

sue, steph, stace, and SINGLE
sue, steph, stace, and SILLY
sue, steph, stace, and SPECIAL
sue, steph, stace, and SAN-BA
sue, steph, stace, and STRANGE

bwahahahahaha! oh dear. i quite like them all (except the SINGLE one. *mumble grumble*). so which one should i adopt?! heh.

anyhow. as i was saying. girls nite out. yes.

dinner at CHOMPS in serangoon gardens, where the bloody fried oyster had the cheek to be closed! grrr.

eh, we (well, me and sue at least) went all the way there just to attack the fried oyster ok. and they were closed! so inconsiderate. hmph.

had to settle for the other stall but the oysters were so eeeee! the smell was damn strong and permeated the eggs. and there wasnt enough starch. gross. at least the la-la was ok.

loud laughter and hilariousness prevailed once again. we were very noisy. and then out came my trusty digicam and suddenly we transform into cant-get-enough-of-the-camera-silly-people (except steph lah. she was quite calm. like a seasoned supermodel compared to the 3 of us newbie models. haha.)

taking photos was like playing musical chairs.
"you come here." ... "ok, now you go there." ... "wait, i go over." ... "take for me and me." ... "now take for me and me." ... "three by three - you three then you three then me three" ...


and our "debate" on STAMINA vs SIZE when it comes to MEN. after defining the boundaries and terms - if you choose SIZE then STAMINA only 1 or 2 minutes. if choose STAMINA then SIZE *edited for decency*

stacey : STAMINA

and then... the one that stole all the limelight and had us all cackling like mad hags...


(i cant remember her exact words, but something along these lines lah. if anyone can remember the exact thing please let me know hor!!)

classic. bwahahahaha.

and then there was the quote about asking brandon to "lie down and blow". eh, we were discussing about how smoky it would be if a whole big gang of us started puffing away in the ng's ktchen (it'll be like zouk's smoke machine lor!) and how to disperse the smoke with a fan or something, when eventually led to asking bran to lie down on the floor and blow. dont worry, bran, we will get wayne to "lie down and help you blow"!

and of course, the NAZI b*****ds thing that proved eurasians really are easily amused. rite, stace? hee.

the mess we left behind.

(i) STACE at work on her straw. she has this "thing" for artistically mangling her straws. sharp teeth. ooh. pity *ahem*. hee.

(ii) finished product of straw-mangling - she bites them into a spiral! and she can do a whole straw too. wah.

me and steph. - me and sue. - me and stace.

SUE's super-vain "hiao" pose.

ME and STEPH and STACE trying to impersonate SUE's "hiao" pose.

unfortunately, we fail and are upstaged by sue one again. sigh. it must be an artform or something. must learn! heh.

STACE practises to be MISS CHINATOWN 2005.
"well-kum to chyna-tau!!"

and then it was off to HUPS to meet the guys for round 2 of loud laughter and hilariousness. we were very noisy. (aiyah. we're always very noisy. its how you know we're there. if one day, we sit there quiet quiet dont make noise then you know there's something wrong aleady. heh.)

wah. our friendly neighbourhood coffeshop hangout second home upgrade aleady. no more cheap cheap common plastic/wooden tables.

now marble tables - high class leh!!

SCOTT and WAYNE doing their "milo dinosaur" impersonation.

scott looks quite retarded. wayne looks like he's happy to be a milo dino. heh.

the gay bears , which roy got from the wedding he attended.

there is another, er, more "comprimising" photo of the bears. check the photo album. heh.


full photo albums at GIRLS NITE OUT and HUPS

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Friendster is JERK home planet

a message received the other day on Friendster from someone i obviously (and thankfully!) dont know :

Hi, you are pretty & sweertlooking ... u mind meeting up for a no strings attached physical fling? Only physical & total discreets. Am 178cm tall, medium built. Hear from you soon. Cheers

bwahahahahahaha!! my goodness. the forwardness of it all. cannot tahan. eh, i'm actually very traditional and conservative one hor! i shy when people so direct leh.

my reply :

thanks for the compliments and the offer. but sorry, i dont do one nite stands. and even if i did, it would never ever not in a million years be with someone like you. i hope you have better luck with someone else. cheers!

of course, what i really wanted to reply was something that included numerous vulgarities and obscenities that threatened his south pole hardware.

but of course, being the sweet, angelic, nice lil girl that i am. i thought i'd be polite. heh.

these people are hilarious.


in reply to your tag :

"Nobody tried getting into your pants but its so damn clear that EUGENE likes or a matter of fact is chasing you. How his friends know about you?! He talk la.. Why he ask about age?! Cuz of Dino and him la!!.. You telling me you can't see that?! Old age does affect your sight and judgement.. Tsk.."

hahaha. i wish ah.. no no no. eugene DOESNT like me lah. and he is definitely NOT chasing me! i can tell, ok. and he didnt give me that kinda feeling lah. we're all JUST FRIENDS.

and what you mean how his friends know about me?? they didnt! we met that night itself and got to know each other on the spot!!

and he asked about the age thing purely as a matter of CONVERSATION!

besides, that night was the first time i actually went out with him, after so many months that he had my number - that was the first time he messaged me!

if he really wanted to chase me, wouldnt he be calling me everyday or asking me out all the time?! but he's not right??

so there really is NOTHING to it. it was just another of those ONE OFF things. i dont even know if i'll ever be seeing him again!

aiyoh! you people and your wild imaginations!



and WAYNE : survive long enough for an anniversary, your BIG FAT HEAD AH!! i'm old, as in compared to you young punks, BUT I'M NOT ON MY BLOODY DEATHBED YET OK! blehh.

Monday, January 17, 2005

of nightspots that begin with "A"

so, once again, on a saturday night, i find myself with the compelling urge to escape these walls that constitute my humble hdb flat home and fly away to be free - to prowl the streets in search of alcohol and good company.

trooped down to ACID BAR to meet up with bran, sue, jon, steph, ivan and huilam. caught the second half of the liverpool vs man u match there.

NOTE : while i'm on this topic of my beloved liverpool and this velly important match against their bitter rivals, might i just comment on the match and the outcome..

(insert various vulgarities in numerous languages and dialects here)

yes. liverpool lost to man united, 1-0. and that is how i feel about it. *fumes*

as i was saying. acid bar. saturday night. yes.

as usual, laughter and silliness was the order of the night. the place was packed to the brim due to the soccer matches (although i think the cheap beer - one for one all night long which makes it $20 per jug - and the free flow of black pepper potato chips also had something to do with it. hmm.) but the crowd cleared off after awhile so we finally managed to get a nice seat in the back corner of the bar.

i think we were very noisy. howling and guffawing at the top of our lungs at the ngs' "bri-ish" brand of "engrish" and we were all affected after some time - making grammar mistakes and pronounciation errors! and seeing bran trying to explain why sue's tooth could semi-fall off without hurting was hilarious. my friends are silly. they make me laugh. but i love them. cos they brighten up my life!

steph is quite power - she can command the rain to go away, the sun to come out and the music to come on!! she should be hired by the government as singapore's new top secret weapon. haha!

and based on an experience in the toilets involving sue and a pesky cubicle door that couldnt close, it has been proven beyond doubt that violence is the answer! its the way to go! (but maybe this only applies to inanimate objects like toilet doors.)

and then it was off to ATTICA i go! to meet up with EUGENE & FRIENDS. eugene is a guy that i got to know one saturday night while clubbing (drunkedly) away at my favourite dance spot, liquidroom.

i happen to find him quite physically attractive(actually, he caught my eye because his dance moves reminded me of my best friend brandon. and also because we kinda thought that he and his friends were gay, at first. heh.) unfortunately, my friends do not share my view regarding his "cute-ness". i dont understand why, though. he really IS quite appealing. (or maybe i just have really bad taste in men. haha!)


thanks to huilam who very kindly drove me to clarke quay, and ivan who also very kindly walked me to attica and accompanied me while waiting for eugene to collect me from the door.

after all the hype and waiting so long, i finally got the chance to visit attica. i think it must be very good, because even at 1-ish in the morning there was still a queue, waiting to get in.

but there was no need to queue for lucky lil me cos they know the people there. heh. it was jam packed to the brim! so many people! so loud! so many ang mohs! so dark!

went straight up to the dance club, attica too, where the guys had sofa seats! yay! knowing the people that matter really does have its perks! heh.

there was a guest dj playing - dj rebekah from kitch bitch recordings, i think. music was quite alrite. pretty enjoyable. nice grooves.

eugene's friends are a motley crew of very friendly, jovial, fun loving, easy going, silly, funny, interesting, down to earth people. extremely easy to get along with and who welcomed me into their little group immediately. but it was so difficult to keep track of everyone's names! we were introducing and re-introducing ourselves throughout the night! heh.

JOE (the extremely tall one and the guy who asked me "how come you dont have a boyfriend" out of nowhere when i didnt even mention this fact to anyone at all. my god. is my boyfriend-less status written so clearly on my face?!)

SHANNON (the long haired one with the nice eyes and the guy that went "i have only 3 questions for you - how old are you? can you speak cantonese? whats your starsign?" yes. but he's very funny.)

ADAM (the ang moh from newcastle that speaks so very fast and mumbles so half of the time you cant really understand what he's saying. and the rest call him the "british ah beng" or something like that. they taught him hokkien vulgarities and singlish. bwahahaha.)

DERRICK (the one that works in wholesale marketing for beach resorts.)

MICHAEL (the one that was cracking me up with his gongfu conversation.)

PRISCILLA (the primary school teacher.)

there were alot of other people but i cant recall now. too many! overload.

and no, no one tried to get into my pants! hardly. far from it. everyone was very gentlemanly. (oh dear. does it reflect badly on me and my feminine appeal that no one tried to pick me up?! damn. hahaha.) but there was this one ang moh on the dance floor - that prompted eugene to.. never mind. heh.

and my goodness! they were all very tall!! eugene is 1.83m. doesnt look like it but when i stood next to him i could tell the very big difference is our heights. i felt quite the shorty around them!

and he's so young! discovery of the nite - eugene is only 21 this year! 4 years younger than me! the same age as my younger bro and sue!! hahaha! small boy!! hahaha! but he really doesnt come across as so young. (and he was asking me from a woman's point of view does age matter and i told him its really not the age its the mind and maturity but he doesnt believe me and disagrees very much! hahaha. )

and everyone was asking me if i was not pure chinese - "you have such nice eyes!" - its the mascara and the eyeliner lah i tell u! make up does wonders. blehh.

and people saying i was "so cute!" and looking upon me indulgingly, as if i were a 3 year old snot nosed chubby faced lollipop waving child. bah.

and joe saying i looked younger than my age - "maybe its your hair, you look like cleopatra.." - *mumble* yesh. i get that all the time. sheesh!

i spent the night lounging on the sofa. talking. laughing (especially at the antics of one particular gay guy that was behaving very funnily and a few ang mohs that were gyrating madly). abit of dancing towards the end.

we left attica too around 5ish and went for prata. i was further entertained at the prata shop with a drama-mama "free show".

2 ang mohs and then one chinese guy shouting at them and then a flying cigarette butt that landed on joe's shoulder and then the guys standing up and getting involved and all hell breaks loose. (well, not really lah. it wasnt an all out fight, jus a lot of pushing and shoving and heated words and blah blah.)

but they finally got it all worked out without violence. and at least they had the decency to apologise to the 2 females for causing a ruckus and asking us if we were alright. but it was really quite exciting! (i'm such a sucker for these gangster "gu wah zhai" kinda thingies. oops.)

oh, i met taufique (who hails back from the days of secondary school and far east plaza) - who had come from liquidroom - at the prata shop. turns out the german trance dj that was supposed to be very good and scheduled to spin at liquid - ron-whats-his-name. (i remember it as sneezy-dick. taufique said ron stimpy) - didnt turn up! so a local dj took over instead but he was quite good so the music was alrite.

finally home at 7am. fall into exhausted sleep around 8am. (only to be woken up at 9am by scotty boy calling to kachiao me!! :p)

and so ended my saturday night. yes, i had a TREMENDOUSLY ENJOYABLE time the entire night. *huge satisfied grin*


P/S : please forgive my extremely long winded incoherent rambling mumbo jumbo. my thoughts are all over the place! madness..

FOUND : fool proof sure fire way to beat MONDAY BLUES.

"don't go to work. call in sick or emergency or whatever. just stay away from the office."

i call it the EILEEN SOLUTION. and based on scientific research (i personally tested this very very cheem, extremely powderful theory today.) it really DOES work!


Sunday, January 16, 2005

22 men chasing 1 ball

the tiger cup finals is on telly now. singapore vs indonesia. second leg. the all deciding match. singapore goes into this match with a 2 goal advantage, having won 3-1 in the first leg.

current score : singapore 2 indonesia 0

go singapore! eh. must be patriotic abit lah ah. support your country! heh.

and i can hear all these people in the neighbouring blocks screaming and shouting with loud cheers and "GOOOAAALLL"s. i can imagine them jumping up and down in their living rooms.

toa-payoh-ans are such a patriotic bunch. i'm proud (and amused!)

wah. which reminds me. you should have heard my fellow toa-payoh-ans scream during the world cup and euro tournaments, man. havoc ah!! dont even need to switch on the tv. just listen to them shouting, can tell what happen in the match already!

i think toa-payoh-ans (or at least the ones living in the flats surrounding me) must be very avid soccer fans. or they must be strong singapore pools supporters (or is it donators). hahaha!

***** (msn-ing with wayne during this interval) *****

wayne has gone off to finish his dvd reviews for first magazine. i am back to complete my hanging-in-mid-air post.

the final whistle has blown in the tiger cup finals on telly.

final score : singapore 2 indonesia 1


* eileen attempts to perform the kallang wave but realises that its quite impossible to achieve the same effect when one does this as an individual as opposed to a stadium full of people. besides it looks silly and i hope my mother doesnt open the room door to find me kallang-waving by myself, in front of the computer. she's liable to think her eldest daughter has lost it completely. hell, she already thinks i'm very strange. blehh. *

anyway. CONGRATULATIONS to the singapore football team, coach, supporters, etc etc and so on and so forth.

after eons and eons, we, the little red dot on the map, have finally won a major (it is major? quite lah, rite? i think.) tournament. its about damn time, too!

NEXT STOP - singapore for the world cup by 2010? (remember all that hype about goal 2010 some time back?)

erm. no offense, guys. but lets take it one step at a time, eh? first work on the s-league, then the sea games, then the asian games or whatever whatever - and then we shall see how.

but still, congrats once again and good job to all involved! i'm proud :)


my mother insists that indonesia kelong-ed the game and purposely let us win because singapore helped indonesia in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster and this is their way of repaying us and giving us face, and also in the hopes that we will continue to be a friendly, assistance-offering neighbouring nation in future.


MY MOTHER - the woman who pretends to be an expert soccer analyst but who in reality doesnt watch nor follow soccer and has not the faintest idea what the bloody hell is going on. heh.

eh. she bet on the world cup and euro tournaments but she didnt even know who was who or what was what or which team advanced or which team won the match, lor!

its called anyhow hantam bola - or she resorts to pumping her hapless children (me and my younger brother - my younger sister has not learnt the art of soccer appreciation yet. tsk - who happen to be avid soccer fans and actually have SOME idea of what's actually goin on) for information and tips regarding which team to bet on.

you should see us trying to talk about soccer with her during the occasions we have family dinners. (eh, its always her that brings up the subject lor. so we talk lah!) it can literally degenerate into mind-numbing, fighting-urge-to-bang-head-on-wall, eye-rolling, AIYOH-exclaiming business lor.

of course, i'm no soccer expert. but at least (after following the EPL and WORLD CUP and EURO CUP and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and UEFA CUP and SERIE A and LA LIGA and blah blah blah for some years now, and also owing that i count many soccer fanatics amongst my numerous friends, and also due to the fact that i read the new paper sports section as well as (quite)religiously) i pride myslef on having at least SOME basic knowledge. and i more or less know who's who, what's what, which's which lor.

come on lor. i even had to explain to her how to place a bet with singapore pools lor!

"1X2 means this.... TOTAL GOALS means this.... blah blah blah. see the odds from the tv screen. aiyah, never mind the odds lah. wait they confuse you further only. just play the normal one lah. then you pick which team you want and place your bet lah. what you mean how to? shade the boxes lah! like 4D liddat lah. AIYAH! NEVER MIND LAH! YOU JUST TELL ME WHO YOU WANT TO BUY THEN I WILL GO AND BUY FOR YOU LAH!! give up....."


Saturday, January 15, 2005

my blog and its purpose


well, i cant for the life of me remember why the bloody hell i started keeping a blog in the very first place. what purpose was it meant to achieve? what role was it meant to play in my life? what place was it to have to the freaking free-for-all world wide web?

all i can say and remember is that it all started with a certain mr. huilam (aka lam gor). you see, before mr. huilam started his own blog, i had already been considering getting one for myself (just so i could see what the fuss and hype was all about lah, and also for me to have abit of fun tinkering with html and so on.)

but being the super duper pathetically sloth-like lazy arsed procrastinating woman that i am, i kept putting it off.

until the day my mobile phone beeped with an incoming sms. it was from said mr. huilam - announcing to me (and the rest of civilisation that he had mass forwarded the sms to) that he had a blog and supplying me with said blog's web address.

so, being curious (and kaypoh. fine, i admit it. i'm a huge 38 - san ba.) about my dear friend's life.. erm, i mean, BLOG.. i went to check it out. and then got tempted to start my own, finally.

yes. at the end of the day - its all your fault, huilam!! heh.

then a couple of other friends started their own blogs too. but sadly, most of those that embarked on this new fangled internet adventure with me have since abandoned their blogs for other pursuits, due to a variety of reasons.

still, i ploughed on with my endeavour. collecting blog addresses of other friends and interesting people along the way to add to my links list.

my blog has been through countless facelifts, renovations, reconstructions - blogskins, templates, designs, content, and so on.

my blog has endured scrutiny from certain persons that caused me much grief when these persons have used my writings and thoughts to harm me and bring me anguish, tears and sadness. whether or not it was intentional on said persons part to traumatise me due to their actions, i dont know and i dont want to think about it anymore.

which was why i moved my blog to this new address. and i have refrained from divulging this new location on the source that i can safely confirm said persons of above came to have knowledge of my lil niche in cyberspace.

(note: while i am on this topic, i have to mention that certain friends and people dear to me have found themselves being harrassed and harangued by way of their blogs over the course of our cyberspace adventures. which is why some of them have chosen to desist from blogging. but thats another story.)

of course, people argue that by placing something on the internet automatically makes it free-for-all. and so, by posting something personal such as your innermost thoughts or your life events on your blog, is akin to standing on the top of a hdb flat/building screaming your secrets out to the world at the top of your lungs with the aid of a microphone and speaker to broadcast it to all and sundry - whether or not they are interested to know the sordid details is irrelevant.

... which is true ...

(note: alas, i find myself digressing further and further from my main purpose of this entry. sigh. to put myself back on track...)

my blog, at this point of time, has evolved into a diary of sorts. as i mentioned to certain people in my life - i cant keep a physical paper diary. due to *ahem* privacy issues (snooping certain individuals. tsk.) so this is the next best thing.

i use it to store my memories of the events in my life.
i use it to jot down notes and what-nots on stuff i find interesting, for future reference or just simply to amuse myself.
i use it to let off steam and rant about stuff when i feel the need to get things off my chest and unclutter my mind.
i use it to keep links to other blogs and sites on the internet that i frequent.
i use it to keep in touch with my friends.
i use it to voice and share my opinons on things and issues.

i use it for myself, my friends, and whoever else is interested.

i use it as an extension of myself, so that someday i can look back at the days and months and years of my life and reminisce.

however, i find myself caught in a dilemma sometimes. because i realise that this diary of mine is NOT in any way personal or sacred or secret. its on the free access internet, for petes sakes!

and at times, i find myself writing things that i need to write down. but things that i dont want waved in people's faces. for whatever reasons. i want some degree of control over who can access these parts of me and my thoughts.

and because blogger doesnt have password-locking-posts-features and i am too blooming lazy to up and move my entire blog once again to a new provider that does provide locking facilities..

i resorted to writing cryptic entries (only to confuse myself when i re-read these entries some time long after they had passed. what was i talking about, i asked myself?).

i resorted to using silly codes and whatnots (which, as wayne pointed out to me, was ridiculously foolish of me as they were bloody easy to crack.)

and so, i have now come to the main point of this long long senseless whining entry.

i am going to set up a second blog of sorts over at blogthing, which uses the wordpress system and features password-locking-posts, to store my "secret entries" and then link them over to this blog.

i know that it seems ridiculously inane to alot of you that i would bother to link back to this blog at all. and i know it seems ridiculously stupid of me not to think of a solution like this in the very first place long ago.

what can i say? i'm strange. i want everything to be here, on one page. its just another one of my silly "things" lah. heh.

and who knows? maybe one day i'll transfer my entire blog over there, if i like the interface enough and if i'm lucky enough to stop procrastinating and being a lazy bum.

but for now, toodles and goodbye. i need a cigarette. *grin*

Friday, January 14, 2005

this and that

this guy is just unbelievable.

i really really dont know whether to laugh at his delusion and ignorance, or be hopping mad at his arrogance and insensitivity, or just shove a cactus up his arse and beat the shit outta him.

regarding the recent tsunami tragedy, read his comments HERE , HERE , and HERE.

i'm verily appalled and extremely incensed.


in other, more lighthearted news (to cheer me up after i have finished verbally berating and mentally whacking the insensitiv-o mentioned above)..

new fangled (or is it 'mangled'?) bedtime story - i love the modern, 21st century twist to the ending. heh.

Little Led Liding Hoot (M'sian and Singlish ver)

Once upon a time hor, got one girl little led liding hoot. She want to go to Ah Mah's house. Morning alleady she go out one, she got take come one basket to put flower. She "do want" to walk long-long so go take shot cut. Wah!!! she dono got one animal follow her one hor! She happy-happy walk until she come to Ah Mah house.

"Ah Mah! Ah Mah! I come, open the door leh?" she talk. Then Ah Mah also talk back, "Come in lah I never close one" Little Led Liding Hoot open the house and go inside door..... oh, solly solly.... open the door and go inside the house, she got see her Ah Mah on top of the bed. She go ask Ah Mah.

"AH Mah, how come your eye vely big one hor?"
"So I can see you maahhhhh!!!" Ah Mah say back.
"Ah Mah, how come your yearvely long one?"
"So vely easy to hear you one laah!!!!"
"Ah Mah, how come......."
"Aiyaa!!!! SO many question one ah you.... never die before heh?"
"Solylah Ah Mah, I dono mah that's why I ask".
"What soly-soly! Now I want to eat you, I not Ah Mah, I animal one you know....."

Wah! Little led liding Hoot vely scared one, she scleam vely loud but late alleady, the animal alleady eat her. She now inside stomach one. Suddenly got one people, cut wood one, go inside the house. He want to save Little Led Liding Hoot, he go and cut the animal stomach and take out everything, but he too late, Little Led Liding Hoot become shit alleady...


went to BREWERKZ (opposite clarke quay) on wednesday nite. we wanted to visit ATTICA, but they had a strict "no slippers" dress code. bah.

the beer at brewerkz is mind boggling. i couldnt decide what to order! too many! so we opted for the TASTER SET- small shot glasses of 8 different beers.

taster set + pepperoni pizza

the WHEAT ALE rocks. whatever you do, DONT order the PILSNER. it tastes like shit. blehh.

and how anybody can finish the entire pizza, the full 8 slices, by themselves is beyond me. its huge and so cheesy, which makes it super filling. but it was attempted and accomplished. i'm shocked at the stomach capacity of some people. heh.

add another jug of wheat ale and the total bill came up to $60. quite cheap for food and booze combo.

and, the conversation that night was priceless. *grins*

ME at brewerkz - not drunk yet.

i actually quite like this photo. hee.


i've been having trouble sleeping these days. is it insomnia? (n.)
Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time.

yup. that's it. that's what ails me in recent times. ugh.

last nite, i was completely tired out by 11pm. my eyes were drooping and i was yawning like mad. but when i flopped onto my bed and tried to fall asleep..

instant awakening. bah. ended up staring at the walls till 3+, 4am before i could finally doze off.

and i've been having these extremely strange dreams! i shall not tell you all the (juicy) details, but they're so vivid and they feel so real. and when i wake up, i can remember the dreams, down to the tiny details. very weird indeed.

sigh. i need my precious sleep.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

talking to eugene and nigel on msn earlier. those guys always make me laugh. very good "cheering up" medicine!

made me realise that i kinda miss them and their silliness - even though i'm always the punching bag for their teasing and the butt of their (retarded) jokes.

my drinking buddies - gene, ni, jan, lester, kennie, etc etc, blah blah. and the wow bunch.

havent been to wow since christmas. that's amost 3 weeks. i miss my BUDDIES. and i miss my DRINKING!


Monday, January 10, 2005

one of those days..

.. when everything screws up
.. when everything seems horrible
.. when the world sucks
.. when all's bad and nothing's good

yesh. TODAY is one of THOSE days. let me count the ways :

    1. not being able to fall asleep, tossing and turning and staring until almost 4am
    2. waking up late and with a horrendous lack of sleep
    3. eyes swollen and painful
    4. dull throbbing in my head
    5. waiting forever for a taxi (normally i only have to wait 5mins max.)
    6. traffic jam which pissed me off and increased the taxi fare by $2
    7. seeing a squished dead bird
    8. irritating people and phone calls giving me no peace
    9. going hungry becos there's no time for lunch
    10. huge pile of work

and it goes on. but i shall not bother to recite the rest of it. ugh. i detest mondays.


i think overdosing on bailey's does not agree with my body.

and is it just my imagination, or does bailey's seem to get stronger the longer its kept?

my head and my stomach are in turmoil. i need another drink. blehh.


saturday night chill out session with the 3 couples (bran + sue, jon + steph, haresh + jay) and the 2 singles (me and wayne) was fun.

i think we were very noisy at COFFEE CLUB with our laughter and wayne's trumpet blaring voice. i think i'm in love with the mango tango drink. LOVELY!! chicken pie was not that bad too.

ACID BAR was pretty nice - cosy and cheap drinks and free refills of chips. i like! hee.

bumped into secondary school friends from ij - gen (who's working at acid bar doing marketing) and louanna. such coincidence!

and as jon said, that place was like a meeting place - everyone was bumping into everyone! such a small place yet we manage to bump into familiar faces - coincidences are amazing..

GROUP SHOT - bran, sue, me, steph, jon - ACID BAR

WAYNE was behind the camera. HARESH & JAY (who are missing once again! aiyah, you two ah! haha!) left after coffee club.

STEPH looks very frightened. i wonder what BRAN & SUE are telling her?! hmm.

presenting : BRAN & WAYNE performing THE KISSING GAME. aww, sho shweet!


CHEERS!! alcoholics anonymous hold their weekly meeting. heh.


full album of nicely posed shots and randomness found at
CC & AB - 080105

Friday, January 07, 2005

my week in retrospect

monday - jan 3rd

caught MEET THE FOCKERS at marina. silly show. funny, but not funny enough.

the first one was by far much much better. still, it was not THAT bad. it had its moments.

little jack (LJ) the baby was damn cute though - blond, rosy cheeked. and the way he pronounced asshole - ASSSS HOOOLLL. heh.

my verdict - do not pay more than $7.50 to get focker-ised.

all the way to ALTIVO at mount faber for drinks. i love the place. so.. high? heh.

mucho expensiv-o though. a jug of beer for $38... wtf! as much as i like beer, i'm not paying through my arse for it.

opted for frozen mango margarita (very cold. very huge. small glass. frozen things melt. then they overflow and spill. heard of bigger glasses? silly people.) and lychee martini (the menu stated lychee liqueur + vodka. they meant it literally. it was like drinking lychee flavoured vodka shots. too strong for even us seasoned drinkers! we had to get them to add 7up to dilute it. heh.)

my F.M.M. and (killer) lychee martini - front view

side view of my margarita - does not it look like the leaning tower of pisa?

i was trying all ways and means to push it back upright! panicking that it was gonna topple over and make a huge mess. which, luckily, it didnt after all. hee.

took a short walk around mount faber - intending to explore the woods and stroll all the way down to civilisation. but chicken-shit lil me chickened out.

very dark. very eerie. very scary. the hairs on the back of my neck were standing. i felt something tickling my back. hmm.

boarded the free shuttle bus to harbourfront. strolled around abit. taxi ride home.

it was a lovely night :)

tuesday - jan 4th

migraine. vomitting. cold sweat.

called office, reported sick. collapsed on my sofa. passed the day watching my old METEOR GARDEN vcds.

jerry yen is a GOD. WOW WOW WOW!

wednesday - jan 5th

work is killing me. so much to do, so very little time. ugh.

caught KUNGFU HUSTLE with wayne, scott and jon at bishan.

very very silly. very very exaggerating. very very lame. well, alright, there were some truly hilarious parts. kung fu moves were quite nice. still, not quite up to stephen chow's standards, if you ask me.

my verdict - i dont mind paying $6.50 for this, but no more. but wayne says he'd pay $8.50 to watch it. so, go figure.

head over to GARDENS for la-la and fried oyster supper. the beer tasted wierd. drank sugarcane instead. hmm. maybe i really am going off alcohol. you think?

thursday - jan 6th

work sucks. have to settle 4 different companies' accounts by end january. argh!

head to EAST COAST PARK around 10.30pm. drinks at beachside bars.

although i really dont know why they would call them "beachside" bars when they are not even by the beach side! so far away from the beach! and they have the cheek to call them "beachside". hmph.

2 mugs of beer at this place at the costa sands resort.

then hunger pangs strike so we attempt to walk to macdonalds. so far!! give up halfway and hail a cab. yesh, we are very very lazy people. heh.

i didnt know that the macdonalds at east coast closes so late! at least now i know where to go if i get midnight french fries and cheesburger cravings. yay!

adjourn to BERNIE'S BFD for more drinks. really nice chillout atmosphere. and their frozen mango margarita gave us brainfreeze. cold cold cold!

head for home, satisfied and smiling. i love these hangout sessions! :D

friday - jan 7th

too sick to go to work.

too tired to go anywhere.

too weak to dance.

too sian to drink.

beer really IS starting to taste funny to me. alcohol is beginning to lose its appeal.

i think i'm going insane - i think i'm really going off booze - for now at least.

stress sucks.


Monday, January 03, 2005

new year's day @ happy days

chilling out with good friends on a cold night at gardens is quite therapeutic.

laughing till my cheeks and stomach ache is invigorating.

and the balls of fire (or firey balls or whatever its called) is absolutely delicious!!

playing silly childhood games provides quite a workout!

BOGGLE exercised our minds.

BANANA (which is like HEART ATTACK but improvised) exercised our physical selves while getting our blood pumping and hearts pounding with the excitement.

people grabbing other people's hands and fingers and legs and what-nots in the mad rush. screaming and shrieking. flying objects.

silly forfeits - jon making like a chinese vampire with toilet paper on his forehead. me with toilet paper dangling from my chest. bran with his toilet paper stuffing at the crotch.

plastic knock-off JENGA exercised our steady hands. and in some cases, showcased our trembling shaking mitts.


semi-complete album at NEW YEARS DAY 05

more photos to be added (courtesy of eugene and his digicam) later.

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