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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

xmas pressies!!

my thanks once again to the "donators" of above pressies :

DADDY - the huge coke tumbler (complete with $50 hidden under the cover! hee.)

MUMMY - the chunky bracelet

SAMMY - the cute cup/mug

AUNTIE EMY - the blue floral halter

BRAN & SUE - the lovely ring (that i can wear on any finger i so choose.)

WAYNE - the clive cussler book

SCOTT - the 2 pairs of beach slippers

PETE - the ultra-marvellous custom-made CAUSE I'M SPECIAL t-shirt (this is definitely "oh-so-me"! bwahaha!)

JON & STEPH - the virgin/slut aromatherapy soap (of which only 1 bar shall be utilised. go figure which one! heh.)

HUILAM - the cool camo paul frank pencil case

VAL & BRENDAN - the body shop shampoo & conditioner set

AUNTIE JOYCE & UNCLE VERNON - the body shop mango bath foam & body lotion set (which smells divine. yum!)

JEFF & CHERILYN - the pink vondutch racer back tanktop

PRISCILLA - the tea tree bath set

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