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Saturday, December 11, 2004

turtle power!

woke up this morning with a horrid cough and flu. i can feel all the icky phlegm stuck in my throat and along my nasal passages. feel like shit. ugh.

decided not to go to work. dont have the strength to drag myself halfway across singapore. barely have the strength to drag myself across my room. blehh.

switched on telly. was watching this :

so cool! w00t! i remember i used to love the turtles when i was younger. i even knew how to sing lines from the old theme song! haha.

but now. how things have changed. the theme song's different. april o'neill is not so "chio" anymore. but splinter and shredder are still around.

still, i enjoyed the cartoon. but i still think the old skool version rocks so much more than these modern cartoons. heh.

and i still think michelangelo's the absolute coolest! cowabunga dude!! bwahahaha!

NOTE TO SELF : wake up early tomorrow and every sunday from now on to catch SMURFS at 9am!! smurfs smurfs smurfs smurfs smurfs!! *sings the smurfs theme song* la la la la la la, la la la la la.... hee :)

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