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Thursday, December 02, 2004

thank you

ok. this post is more for myself. to serve as a remembrance of the day i turned 24 and officially entered dinosaur-dom. heh.

and so, a "tribute" to the wonderful people that made my smurfday a joy :

THE GOOD PEOPLE AT WOW (niki, felicia, ivy, chermaine, hazey, frankie, ah long, jonathon, michel, eileen, edward, lester, eugene, janson, nigel, steph, francis, B., etc)

thank you all for your wishes and hugs. thank you to those of you that participated in getting me absolutely positively completely stoned drunk. thank you to those that took care of me when i was out of it. thank you to those that happily reminded me of all the silly things i did under the influence of alcohol, which i remember nothing about. heh. and thank you to those that i didnt mention. becos i was so drunk so early in the nite, i had no idea who came and who wished me after 1+ in the morning. haha. but i thank you all the same. :)
MY DEAREST FRIENDS AND MEMBERS OF THE HUPS GANG (brandon, sue, wayne, scotty, stace, trevor, roy, pete, paul, mel, mike, huilam, ivan, steph, haresh.. erm. did i miss out anyone? i hope not..)

thank you for your wishes and hugs and calls and messages and whatnots. thank you to those of you that had dinner with me. thank you to those that came down to see me. thank you for fun and laughter and good company. i love you guys, i really do. :)

ALL MY FRIENDS FROM DIFFERENT CORNERS OF SINGAPORE/THE WORLD/EARTH/BLAH BLAH (clement, nicholas, kelvin, ash, susanne, denise, pearlyn, bernard, vannie, joey, cat, kevin, philip, val, and all the rest that have slipped my mind due to deteriorating memory capability that is caused by my old age. heh.)

thank you all for your wishes and hugs and calls and messages. and thank you for remembering lil old me! :)

MY FLESH AND BLOOD FAMILY (daddy, mummy, samantha, daniel and auntie emy)

thank you for your wishes. thank you for your blessings. thank you for an extremely filling lunch and good conversation and laughter. love ya. :)

and a special thank you to :

philip, frankie and mel - for your e-cards

brandon and sue - for the uber cool cigarette case and the mr penis t-shirt which has brought me much laughter

stace - for the adorable adorable big head beanie doggy which i cuddle at nite

my sister, samantha - for the dan brown book, angels and demons, which i have wanted to get my hands on for the longest time

huilam - for the fascinating solar powered "robot" plant that amuses me greatly and is trance inducing when you stare at it for too long

ivan - for the personally burned cd which i have yet to listen to becos my cd player is spoilt but which i am sure i will enjoy since we should have the same taste in music, yes?

wayne - for the gift of "oxygen" which is otherwise known as cigarettes

paul - for the teh bing

mummy - for the much needed ang pow

daddy - for the rebonding

B. - for the rose, for taking care of me, for being there, for everything


and i'm really truly sorry if i've left anyone out. not done on purpose, honest! i have memory recall issues, lah. heh.

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