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Monday, December 13, 2004

silly sunday

yesterday was unusually busy for a sunday. i'm suprised.

supposed to meet bran and sue in orchard around 6ish for a spot of christmas shopping. but, being the lazy ass that i am, i indulged in a short afternoon nap and proceeded to oversleep. oops.


finally make my way down to heeren, arriving at 7.30pm. locate bran, sue and trev. pop by paragon to watch my brother's band perform. the 3 leave to eat dinner. i stay on at paragon to be the supportive sister that i obviously am (i can hear you guys choking with laughter and shaking your heads in disbelief. blehh.)

wayne and jon join me. we go grab a drink then park our butts on the concrete i-dont-know-what-you-call-it. eugene drops by as well.


my brother's band. is not that bad. instrumentally. but all of us wanted to stab the vocalist. and the sound system sucked big time. but he's my brother. so. i still think he's good. but they really need to do something about the vocals. ugh.

after a late dinner at cine's long johns, i leave the guys. head down to marina square. catch the 9.50pm blade trinity movie.


the movie is cool. better than i expected. quite happening. i enjoyed it quite much. love the soundtrack. and of course, hunkalicious ryan reynolds. *drool* what a wonderful body! sculpted perfection. and he comes packaged with that so-lame-its-funny, goofy, semi-sarcastic humour that is oh-so-endearing.

sigh. new object of lustful obsession has been aquired. at least until the next hunk that makes me laugh appears on my radar. heh.


deciding where to go for a chill out session at 11.45pm on a sunday nite in everywhere-closes-early-or-its-too-bloody-expensive-what-a-boring-island singapore is mind boggling and frustrating and irritating and torturous.

we debated about staying at the sidewalk cafes at marina square. no cash. had to find atm first. so we walked from marina to raffles city. top up the wallets. then we walk somemore to chijmes.

chijmes is lovely. the atmosphere is beautiful. but no suitable comfortable chill out place for us. we're in an icky picky mood.

catch a taxi down to club street with our hearts set on bar savanh. get there. the damn place is closed. even union bar is closed. boo hoo!

ask the taxi driver to make an about turn while we debate our next destination. holland village? probably closed as well. tanjong pagar? no nice chillout places come to our minds. newton circus for supper? dont feel like. altivo? another day when we have more time.

argh! did i mention how i hate trying to find a place to go on sunday nites in singapore?! everywhere is closed or too boring or not our kinda thing or something or other. bah.

we finally surrender and head down to boat quay once again. (why am i not suprised that you guys are not suprised.)


2 jugs in 15mins. and a 3rd one more slowly. was there a 4th or 5th jug? i cant remember. alcohol has that effect on me at times.

hang around. chit chat. cheers. drink. a spot of pool. a game or two of "word dojo". watch the arsenal-chelsea match. laugh. drink somemore.

the usual stuff.


dim sum for an extremely late supper (or a very early breakfast!) is definitely yummy. i love my "har kow"! and relatively cheap too. $70+ for 10 people and 2 tables laden with food. good deal, yes? value for money, for sure.

such a pleasant coincidence that i was craving dim sum earlier in the day and voila! dim sum supper materialises! so very satisfying when one indulges one's food cravings. hee.


practically falling asleep at the table after filling my tummy to the brim. arrive back home at 5.30am. dead on my feet. but content. and ready for my comfy bed!

hmm. i really should try to stop this stay-out-till-the-wee-hours-then-wake-up-and drag-myself-to-work-and-try-to-survive-the-day-on-2-hours-of-sleep habit of mine. tsk. must resolve to sleep at more earthly hours.

psst! resolutions almost always get broken, rite? oops! hee. ;)

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