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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

scotty-boy's birthday party

WAYNE : either you poke me up the bum NOW or i'm gonna let off a nuclear-fart!

TREV : (rolls eyes) here he goes AGAIN.. AIYOH!! let me eat in peace. please!

HARESH : and THIS is how you execute the "airplane taking off" ah-beng dance move!

ah-bengs and ah-lians gather at the staircase. so fierce!!

check out JON's mega-ah-beng stance - holding tiger beer can, somemore! phwoar!

birthday boy SCOTT's secondary career choice is to be a FLASHER.

hmm. think he needs a beeeeeet more practice. heh.

JON is practicing to be a table.

STEPH utilises JON's bum as a table for her plate. erm. oh...kay...

my lovely bum - i think it looks quite nice! bwahahahaha!

WAYNE attempts to traumatise us with his hairy belly. you see how EUGENE recoils in horror so sharply that he slips out the photo?

WAYNE : do you guys think i'd look good with a belly button piercing??

US : NO!!! spare us the horror, please! ARGH!!


and finally - a group shot of US (minus haresh + gf who left early)

clockwise from top left : wayne , bran , trev , scott , eugene , jon , me , steph , sue


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