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Thursday, December 09, 2004


ugh. busy busy busy. i'm so stoned. brain overload. i repeat, work is CRAP.

been in the office since 8am. preparing accounts and documents for major meeting. actual meeting from 9.30am till 11.45am.

break for lunch now. back at 2pm for continuation of meeting. hopefully will be able to wrap up by 4pm. then i have to settle the shitload of other accounts and random thingies demanding my attention.

i pray i'll be able to leave office by 7pm tonite. if i'm lucky. sigh.

and i just remembered. year end is coming. which means i have to collate and prepare all the company accounts to send for auditing.


meeting frankie and steph for lunch now. need to get out of this cursed place before i really lose it.

mission "preserve eileen's already extremely fragile and almost non-existent sanity" is now in motion.

please stand by for further instructions.

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