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Thursday, December 30, 2004

my post-christmas celebration

went to catch OCEANS TWELVE on tuesday at marina.


the first half of the movie is so damn draggy and slow and uninteresting and blah.

the ending is slightly better. but only just.

thank goodness it was only $6.50! although in my humble opinion, its not even worth that amount. blehh.

it was so boring that i was shifting in my seat and spying in the couple in front of me!

and we were sooooo very tempted to leave the movie and pop over to the movie hall next door to watch KUNGFU HUSTLE. which we didnt in the end becos i was too lazy to move my fat arse.

next time, I am choosing the movie. hmph.


the original plan for after-movie drinks at altivo was scratched cos of the stupid rain.

ended up wandering clarke quay looking for food for my poor, rumbling tummy.

give up looking for food when it became apparent that there is NONE. *sob*

landed in COCOON BAR/FORBIDDEN CITY at clarke quay - part of the INDOCHINE chain.

and the ambience there is definitely OH WOW.

very arabian nights, with reclining seats/sofas and drapes and soft lighting and candles and cushions and alcoves..

so very perfect for chilling out! very romantic too! new favourite place! hee.

and the drinks were reasonably priced.

one guiness draught, one hoegarden, one appletini, one lychee liquer 7up. which came up to $53.

not bad, yes?


zoom off to newton for supper to appease my angry stomach.

stingray, la-la, kangkong.. bliss! *slurp*


all's well that ends well - a wonderful night with the perfect mix of ingredients.

happy. :)

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